Can't afford canned food anymore... $60/monthly budget to feed 3 cats, help?

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Miss Tiny- Burr Burr

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Its better to feed wet, ANY kind of wet, than dry.

Try Friskies Pate style. It really isn't that bad and it has a lot more water and meat than dry. I have fed this to my own cats when money was tight. Be sure to ONLY get the "Pate" style. The other kinds have added wheat for texture.


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I have four cats, so I sympathize. I think you will have to find a cheaper canned food brand.

I feed my cats Chicken Soup for the Cat Lover's Soul, which is $20 for 24 cans. This is a canned food with good quality ingredients (no by-products).

My best advice: try to find a sample of Grandma Lucy's freeze-dry food. They offer a sample on their website, but unfortunately the shipping makes it not worth it. Check to see if any store around you has the sample sizes. If your cats like it, it's a pretty economic choice. The bag costs under $20 and makes almost 20lb of food (it looks like instant mashed potatoes and you mix it with water), which means it's even cheaper than Friskies. But not all cats like it (one of mine refuses to eat it, even when other food is mixed in), which is why I suggest looking for a sample size. The ingredients are good in this food, no by-products and it is grain-free. I really like this food. EDIT: I just saw that someone recommended The Honest Kitchen. Grandma Lucy's is similar, but it's not raw and is much cheaper! I tried THK with my cats and the same cat that doesn't eat Grandma Lucy's also wouldn't eat THK Prowl.

If you have to go with something like Friskies, don't feel bad about it. You should compare the ingredients on the various formulas, because some are better than others and they mostly all cost the same. I get Friskies for my cats sometimes. CLEARLY feeding Friskies is nowhere near as bad as surrendering the cats!

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