Can't afford canned food anymore... $60/monthly budget to feed 3 cats, help?

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Purred: Mon Jul 23, '12 11:02pm PST 
When we got Candie from the breeder sent me home with Blue Buffalo Wilderness Weight Management. I put it out since she was already eating it. Everyday throw up. I matched the thrown up kibble to the Blue Buffalo Wilderness Weight Management. I keep putting out the food & for entire week I picked up the throw up. I finally said no more & put the uneaten kibble back in the bag. I still have that bag on my table. Even my sister will not let her cats eat it. So it is just sitting there. PS, Candie is not fat. She is only 8 pounds. We made the break through this month & all my cats are wetting some wet food again!! The bowl is empty every feeding!

"Bump, just because your cat threw up from a Purina product doesn't mean all cats do. There are complaints out there about every food. I believe lower quality wet food is better than any dry food, so it works for us." as posted by BK. Well said!!!!! Let us all stop the bashing & try to help a follow Catster.

KitKat, post which Blue Buffalo kibble you are eating. I'll help you look for a sale. You look for a pate canned food like Friskies and try a few.

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I have been using Purina for decades, my vet even said it was not bad food and he sells some of the Purina specialty foods--which my cats don't need. I buy my pet food at the local Dollar stores. It is cheaper in the long run if you feed dry to get the big bag. My cats love the canned Friskies and Fancy Feast, some of the Fancy Feast is gluten free even. Costco brand is also not bad, someone in the FIP group recommended it just a few days ago and others there use it too. Not everyone can afford the higher end food--for their cats or themselves for that matter especially in the economic crisis lately, you just do the best you can do. smile


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Purred: Tue Jul 24, '12 1:58am PST 
Wow, so many responses! My head is swimming lol, I did read all of them but I think I'll have to re-read. To Cookie- I have been feeding Blue Buffalo Wilderness Weight Control, as KitKat is pretty overweight (weighed in at 16 lbs a few months ago!) and Lily is chubby. As for Simba, he's very fit, so I give him extra of the kibble accordingly so he doesn't lose weight since he doesn't need to. The thing about sales is that I'm in Canada, so most of the sales you guys get I can't always get... I do go to the States once a month to visit family (that's how I was able to buy the Soulistic, I stocked up for the month when I went to the States). I'm always on the lookout for sales (I check the Petco online flyer numerous times a month, as well as my local PetSmart's and PetValu's).

I have thought about trying my cats on The Honest Kitchen's Prowl formula, because a store near me sells a bag/box/whatever it comes in (lol) for $43 plus tax, and it makes 12 lbs of food. It seems like the answer to the hydration & urinary tract health issue... and while it is heavier in vegetables than I would like to see (and high in calories, but that's what feeding schedules and measuring cups are for), it might be the healthiest option I can afford. My only concern is that it might not last them the whole month (when I was free feeding them dry Friskies before I knew about the higher quality foods and feeding schedules), they went through a 15 lb. bag in a month, but I have them on a feeding schedule now... so I have thought of a tentative alternative, but I'm worried that the food won't last them a whole month. Does anyone have any experience with THK, in particular Prowl?

I am very open to more food ideas, as well as feedback on THK. My kitties run out of food after their first scheduled meal today, so I have to run out and buy them something else and I'm pretty indecisive lol. My only other thought was Purina One, because while it's not great quality, I get the impression that it's one of the better cheaper foods out there... so yeah, and suggestions, feedback, etc. on this post would be great. And sorry for ranting so much laugh out loud Thank you all for your help!hug

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Purred: Tue Jul 24, '12 4:12am PST 

Human used to feed it to Leroy and Emma when they were kittens. It's a good product, if a little heavy on the fruits and veggies.

The Honest Kitchen also has the Grace formula which is kind of new: Grace

You definitley want to fully rehydrate the food a few minutes before feeding so that your cats get plenty of water. Dry powder isn't very appetizing and makes a cat thirsty. Blech shrug

Remember - throw away any uneaten Prowl or Grace after 30 minutes. It is a raw food and harmful bacterica can quickly grow in it.

The Honest Kitchen web site currently has 20% off sale on their products. Check it out smile Here's the info: http://www.thehonestkitchen.com/2012/07/02/celebrate-10-years-with-us/

Try to control portion sizes to limit food waste and keep your cats from eating too much and potentially becoming obese. It's generally recommended to feed 20 to 25 calories per pound of ideal body weight. Most healthy cats only need 200 to 250 or so calories per day. Human's two cats do just fine on one 1 ounce raw nugget (65 calories a nugget, I think) twice a day.


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Purred: Tue Jul 24, '12 12:37pm PST 
I would suggest going through Petfooddirect.com and selecting the "autoship" option.

I feed my cats By Nature Chicken - it is an extremely high quality product. I get 5 cases of 12x6.5 ounce cans delivered each month. Not only is the product 2 dollars cheaper online, they give an additional 20% discount for auto-shipping it and guaranteeing your business.

After I did the math, I found:
- Wellness CORE from Petco = .27 per ounce - I was paying over $200 a month for cat food.
- By Nature Chicken from PFD.com = .11 per ounce. My monthly charge from them is $57.00 and that includes shipping.

Very good deal, check it out.


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Purred: Tue Jul 24, '12 6:32pm PST 
I have 3 cats now and have lived with cats my whole life. The point of feeding wet food is to get more water in their diet so even if you have to feed some of the cheaper brands with some of the more expensives brands that would be better than cutting out the wet food. The pate foods do have more calories for your buck in them so if your cats like them I would go for those. I have never been able to afford foods like Blue Buffalo. I feed my cats brands that are found at grocery stores they eat Whiskas dry and wet now. But they have always had shiny coats and been healthy. So I think there are good foods in all price ranges out there. Good Luck and hope things get better for you.



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Purred: Wed Jul 25, '12 11:33am PST 
If there is a Trader Joe's in the area of the U.S. that you visit monthly, I highly recommend their canned food. It gets good reviews for quality and nutrition and costs only 70 cents for a 5.5 oz can. My 3 cats have been eating it for years and are very healthy. They don't get dry food except when I'm traveling and the catsitter comes in once a day.


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Purred: Wed Jul 25, '12 3:15pm PST 
I checked the web for sources in Canada as good as PFD. Oh my, no good deals. If you could get free shipping the buying amount was $60-75 CAD. It is a shame that more pet food online store do not ship to Canada. I also found a store called Petmax. They over charged too. No TJ's in upper NY yet but a few in around Detroit, MI. The TJ's canned is an excellent price. The Rochester TJ is to open 10/5!!! You will have to go to see them. If only you could order from PFD & have it sent to a family member in the States then pick it up. Then you could get some of the By Nature like Basketball said on auto ship up to every six months. The Wilderness was $40.79 for 11 lbs. Put that on auto delivery and you can save 20% too. Add a Tiki or Weruva variety pack to get the free shipping. (This is the cheapest idea to use PDF!)

I did my math on the Honest Kitchen. That is still expensive! You said the box that is $43 makes 12 lbs. Now the 12 lbs would equals 35 of the 5.5 oz cans. So the price for HK is $1.22 to equal a 5.5 oz can. That is only a $0.17 saves per can. Let's say you feed one can a day. That would save you only $5.10.

The BB wilderness is around $20 for a 5 lb bag & the Soulistic is $1.39 each. So if you are feeding one can a day that is $41.70 before tax. If you can get a canned food well under $1, you still get some Soulistic.

Example: Buy 24 cans of Friskies at $0.55 & 10 cans of Soulistic at $1.39 that is $27.10 before tax. Now last month the Soulistic was 10% off is you bought 10 then you could have used that $5 off $25 purchase coupon. The discounted total would have been $20.71 before tax on my example.

The month before that Petco had the Wilderness on sale $3 off the $23 bag and you could have bought 4 cans of Friskies for $2.20 and use the quiz coupon of $5 off plus the $5 off $25 Petco coupon. That would have been $12.20.


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Purred: Wed Jul 25, '12 9:45pm PST 
Around here, all of us including the show kitties get Purina cans ...AND look cats this is important! Meowma has very carefully checked and found that the Great Choice at Petsmart is identical! The big cans are Friskies, the little cans are Fancy Feast. At a 10 cent a can savingsthis adds up with 12 bug cats and varying numbers oif kittens here.
If thiere is anything 'wrong' with this food, it didn't prevent me from getting regional and national placement in CFA this year for my breed. And every judge commented on my coat and condition, even when I didn't place. (HaHa, I am now being a 'stud cat' instead of a show one and i'm doing great at that as well. Hard job but somekitty has to...)


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Purred: Wed Jul 25, '12 10:31pm PST 
Sammy eats Dave's canned food. It is $1.19 a can at my local pet store and is a very high quality food. She only eats about 3 ounces (1/2 can) a day though, the rest of her food is dry. It is the cheapest high quality food I have found.

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