Heads up - Petco clearance on select item

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Purred: Sun Jun 3, '12 10:29pm PST 
Last week the manager at the Brentwood store said they are getting ready to reorganize their shelves by August. So on my visit to the Florissant store yesterday, I noticed the clearance has began there. Beside pulling short date food marked with Oops tags of 50% off, I found some of the flavors of Fancy Feast were been clearance too. They were marked down 30% off. Even in the toy section, there were many Manager Special tags to clearance items ahear of the August.

We were able to get two 5 lbs bags of Wellness Healthy Weight Kibble. They were marked 50% off. I printed two $5 off coupons from the Wellness webpage. I printed my $5 PALS reward coupon and I printed the $5 off $25 when I registed Candie online at Petco. Since the Wellness was on sale for $3 off each bag. So the $47.98 bags were free and extra $2 credit applied against the bottle of Nature's Miracle my sister bought too.

My closest store is the Florissant one. They are going to close and move down the street around Oct. I'm so interested to know how they are going to handle all the merchandise from the old store to the new store. I'm hoping for at least a 30% off sale to get rid of what they can.