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Purred: Sat May 12, '12 9:11am PST 
once again, the rabbit has become scarce and i did not plan ahead with a stockpile of it for lexi. none of the stores locally have any of it in stock, nor do any of the online stores that i've looked at so far. some stores still have the rabbit dog food, which i don't think is much different, if at all from the cat rabbit formula. does anyone have any objections to feeding her probably mostly fish (everything else seems to mess with her) and trying to feed her some of the dog canned rabbit nv to break up the fish?


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Purred: Sat May 12, '12 11:51pm PST 
The NV dog & cat canned food are the same, just in different size cans. If you search here, people have written to NV. NV said they were the same. Run back to the store with the NV coupon & stock up. I'm freezing wet food since the large cans can not be eatten fast enough as I rotate different flavor canned foods for my spoiled brats. Not all the cats like the same flavors. You might want to check out NV Instinct Facebook page. They usually have info on when the shortage will be over. They had the same problem six months ago.

http://carolscrittercorner.com/2012/05/01/b4g1-free-natures-vari ety-canned-dog-cat-food-coupons/#axzz1uYUCLeQX