Anyone else have a cat that loves the smell of olives?

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Oliver (Ollie)

Tiny Terror
Purred: Tue Jan 24, '12 7:00pm PST 
My Oliver rarely has interest in any food other than his cat food, with the exception of one thing - green olives. He doesn't actually even try to eat them, he just seems to be obsessed with the smell. He doesn't care about any other pickled items. I just had a small bowl of Castelvetranos sitting on the table and he was immediately drawn to them and sat there with his nose buried in the bowl, until he decided to knock the whole bown onto the floor.


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Is it just a coincidence that your name is Oliver? big grin
Cute baby pictures. hi5

My long-ago first cat loved green olives. He never ate them but just give him one olive and he would play with it all evening. He acted with it almost as if it were catnip.

Smokie Boo- Dreamboat- #104b

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Purred: Wed Jan 25, '12 8:38am PST 
Yess!!!!! Smokie does too!!! He eats them if given the chance, and will lick them if he can't eat them.....

Ralphie & Randy

Purred: Wed Jan 25, '12 9:45am PST 
Cute pic of Ollie in the dryer! I have a similar pic of Randy in our front-load washing machine. LOL!

I haven't noticed that they're interested in olives particularly, but Randy LOVES to sniff fresh vegetables. He especially likes those with a strong scent, like asparagus or broccoli. He never tries to eat them, just sniffs. BOTH Randy and Ralphie also love to smell any veggies that come from the farmer's market covered in dirt, such as freshly dug carrots or potatoes.


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Maizy will go absolutely insane for them. Especially the kalamata ones. She does not eat them, but will lick the juice, if it is on your fingers, lid, whatever. Funny story that may gross some out - but prob not if your a crazy cat person. On Thanksgiving, I had the table set up with appetizers. Had a big bowl of green olives..I turn around & who is happily licking the tops of the olives? yep. Well didn't have any more to put out, so I rinsed them off, and never said a word...red face