What do you think is the healthiest cat diet?

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I have been feeding my children Purina Naturals for a while, and have been thinking about switching to canned food because I heard that it is healthier. What do you feed your cats? Does anyone here actually cook human-quality foods for their cats (I've also been considering this)? What brand do you think is the best?


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Well, I feed raw - to two out of my three cats at least. I feel as though that is best, it's fresher and more natural. However, canned food is perfectly fine, especially if it's one of those '95% meat' brands. I like:

Blue Wilderness
By Nature
Merrick Before Grain
Nature's Variety Instinct

I don't think a small amount of high-quality kibble (such as Orijen or EVO) is evil or will kill a healthy cat - especially if it's in the minority of the cat's diet.

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i eat combo of dry food and canned food. i eat friskies dry food. for canned i eat fancy feast and sometimes nine lives or sd.

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http://www.catinfo.org has all the info you need to know about a proper healthy diet way to go

Canned or raw foods are best for all cats big grin

After 8 years of dry food gave me diabetes, I ate only canned food until I went to the Bridge. Human's two cats eat only raw food with a little bit of canned or pouched food once in awhile.

Cooking food isn't a good idea. Heat destroys many nutrients in the food shrug It's best to feed raw if you can. You could partially blanch or bake raw meat to kill bacteria on the outside thinking I think there's some info about that at Catinfo.org.

Look for grain-free brands of canned food. Cats can't handle grains very well.

If you readily eat canned food then there's no need to feed any dry food. That's my opinion. But if you must feed some dry food for whatever reason, try to make it a very small part of the diet. 80% canned / 10% dry is good, I think thinking 90% / 10% or 95% / 5% would be even better. Look for a grain-free dry food as well.


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Raw food, no question!big grin


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Raw food without a doubt, but it's not for everyone. There's a lot of good info out there about feline nutrition to help you make your personal decision. Merlin gave you some excellent info and a great link. Good luck!

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A pure carnivore diet which is what cats are, obligate carnivores. BK's mommy wrote some instructions on raw here on my site and I have other info about raw as well: http://ibdkitties.net/rawinstructions.html.