quick question on my kittens food

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Purred: Fri Dec 30, '11 11:19pm PST 
Here is the link on Carols website for the Petco coupon.
http://carolscrittercorner.com/2011/12/05/petco-january-525-purcha se-coupon/#axzz1i5b9TOGN

Here is one for $1 off one can of Holistic Select from Carol's website.
http://www.holisticselect.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2011 /12/HPC_JAN_CUS.pdf

Here is one for $1 off 2 cans of Nature's Variety from carol's website. The Instinct rabbit one is wildly popular! They have a rabbit shortage because of it!
http://app.bronto.com/public/?q=preview_message&fn=Link&t=1&ssi d=14321&id=1weh0ew5l5pkndnjzvxttu18wkz60&id2

The Petco ad say 10% wet canned food if you buy 10 of any the following: Blue Buffalo, AvoDerm, Halo, Holistic Select, Innova, Merrick Five Star, Merrick Before Grain, Natural Balance, Nature's Variety, Pro Plan, Pro Plan Selects, Solid Gold, Wellness, Eukanuba, Soulistic, Nutro MAX, Nutro Natural Choice, Hill's Science Diet, Whiskas, Meow Mix, Iams and Friskies. Sign up for the Petco PALS card for this deal.

Also I wrote to Purina about the Fancy Feast minced canned food. They had two flavors, turkey & beef. But the beef was dropped. I begged them for other flavors in the minced variety. I included my full address. They wrote back & mailed me two coupons for two free cans per coupon. Not to bad for just an email!


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Purred: Sat Dec 31, '11 12:45am PST 
Here is a link that has a list of cheaper grocery store brands. Just scroll to the bottom of the page. click here
Since Cynder is still a kitten, you may feed her as much as she wants, she is a growing kitty. Though once she gets to be about 8 months old, you will want to start giving her scheduled feedings, two to three times a day. Once she gets to a good weight to figure out how much she should eat in a day, take the weight of Cynder, eg. 10lbs times that by 13.6 and then add 70 this will give you the amount of calories to feed in a day. So it depends on how many calories are in the food. It should say on the package, or can. Plus you have to take into consideration the activity level of your cat, and add a bit more or less, whichever is appropriate.
I would try and stay away from too many fishy flavours of food, as there are problems with that. catinfo.org is a great site to read.
Also I find that the fancy feast is kinda expensive, it is actually cheaper to go with bigger cans sometimes. Check out that list anyhow, you may find something affordable.
way to go


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If you stick with any of the Fancy Feast CLASSIC flavors, those are all grain free, as is the flaked fish one. I feed my outside ferals Friskies that are grain free and they can be found pretty cheap. Even if you are at a lower cost food now, you can always throw in a can here & there of the pricier stuff if you want. It will be easier to transition her from one brand of wet to another than from dry to wet. I am still working on that one with my stubborn Maizy. Never be afraid to ask questions here - we all love to help! Good luck with your sweet kitty - they are a treasure! hugs Tigger, Smitty & Maizy


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thanks for the advice everyone! i picked up the premium turkey kitten formula today for now. it seems perfect for her! i'm so happy i'll be able to feed her what she deserves. thanks so much smile
and thanks a lot for the coupons! they help a lot!

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