My cats new diet.. anyone with money troubles PLEASE read

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Roxy Lynn

Purred: Mon Dec 19, '11 9:42pm PST 
As I have mentioned before, my cat Roxy has urinary problems. She was my first cat so i fed her dry food thinking that was perfectly fine. It wasnt until about a year after i got her she got her first UTI. Went to the vet, got a shot of antibiotics and we were fine until about 6 months later. Second UTI. Back to the vet, another dose of antibiotics, didnt help. Started noticing blood in the urine. She started going outside of the litterbox (HUGE RED FLAG FOR HER). Thats when i decided it was time to do some research. Well i am a college student on my own with 2 cats. I knew there was no way i could go to a strickly gluten free can food diet. I fed Roxy just canned food and a cranberry supplement for a week to try to get her back to normal. Then i mixed 1 scoop of dry food with 1/2 can of food. That should be good enough right? WRONG. Almost immemdiatly i noticed blood again.

Since I have stopped feeded her dried food i have not noticed any problems from her. Unfortunatly i am still feeding my little cat 1/2 dried/ 1/2 wet daily just to get rid of the dried food (she is a vacuum) but once i am out of the dried food i will be strickly on wet food.

I myself am prone to UTI's so seeing my defenceless shy cat sitting in the litter box for 20 minutes at a time absolutly breaks my heart. I know how much it hurts and i just cant bear the thought of purposfully giving her dry food that i know will hurt her.

This site has helped me so much when finding the right diet for my cats and i want to thank you all so much..

So my advice for the people that have money troubles.. FRISKIES! some of the pate flavors are gluten free. I found the list on this site.
I am a amazon.com addict. So for those of you that have a prime membership like myself (students and moms can get it for free, even if your not a mom you could really just say you are...free 2 day shipping!)
Look into the subscription.. I calculated it to be around $0.30/can depending on flavor. Thats around $20 a month for my 2 cats. Which is around what i paid for dried food.
And if i set up a repeat order with amazon i wont have to run to the store or even think about it. I can just have it on my door step waiting for me!

Just do your reasearch like I did. I know a grocery store in my area sells 4 packs of friskies for $1 every couple weeks.. Thats only $0.25 a can!

I just have to think.. ok, is this healthy for my cats? I cant afford to take my cats to the vet all the time. I love my cats and i want them to live forever. And now i know i can do that on a budget. hamster dance


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If you don't mind me asking, what brand of dry food do you feed, until it runs out? If its Purina One, please stop feeding it, can give you all the links. I also would stop feeding the dry, if it is giving the other kitty urinary issues, its not worth her health, since you can't afford to take her to the vet. I have a crystal kitty, I can tell you all about it.

The key to combating crystals and urinary issues, is to keep them flushed out. You do this by mixing the wet, with water, so its real real soupy, twice a day. I also have a kitty, that will not eat any wet, at all, period. We keep him flushed out by mixing 1 teaspoon Gerber baby food, chicken or turkey ONLY, with water, so its like a broth, twice a day.

My kitties are on Blue Wilderness, its grain free, a must for kitties that have crystal issues, as grains are one, of many, causes of crystals. It is expensive, but much less expensive, than running to the vet all the time. I too, tried the less expensive wet, Fancy Feast, they threw it up, and 2 ended up at the vet, $400 bill, I went back to Blue Wilderness.

Our hrs have been cut back, so I work 2 jobs, 6 days a week, and eat alot of oddles of noodles and mac & cheese, to feed mine a good quality food. So I do understand about finances, alot of us on here, are in the same boat. Best of luck. wave


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I am kind of in the same boat as you are Roxy. Gracie is my first cat, I knew absolutely nothing about cats. She just showed up at my house and I took her in. Money is tight so I started out feeding her dry food. Then I started reading and researching and am in the process of switching her to wet food. It's been a learning experience for me for sure! Long talks with my vet and hours of internet reading. It's almost like I'm having to slowly wean her off of the dry. She climbs up on the dry food container and meows pretty loudly to be fed! I actually am feeding her Friskie's pate food and only sprinkling a tiny bit of dry on top. It seems to be working well and I'm into week 2 or 3. I had read about people recommend Friskie's and it's affordable for me. I get it for about 50 cents a can. Hopefully I didn't harm Gracie by feeding her the dry. I thought I was doing right but now I know better. Catster has really helped me learn! And thank you Bumpurr for the broth recipe. I'm going to try it.

Alex (sweet angel girl)

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I recommend getting her off the dry now. If she's got blood in her urine and prone to this please don't risk it just to get rid of the bag. My sister's cat Midnight that I care for full time is prone to UTI's and because she ate horrible gross, very inexpensive dry food most of her life, she's got to stick to wet food. One little touch of dry food and boom! She's very sick again. My sister snuck her some dry food because she doesn't listen and now Midnight is on Baytril for 3 weeks after urinating a lot of blood! We're lucky she's not anemic. It's not worth it sweetie, throw the rest away or give it to a neighbor or something. I'm really glad you're not going to feed that anymore. I have a list of grain free wet foods of all kinds, higher end and lower end foods like the Friskies pate on my site: http://ibdkitties.net/wetfood.html. Even wet Friskies is MUCH better than dry. And even if the food is wet, you can always add a little water to it besides that. That's what I do for Midnight and it's filtered water. way to go

Roxy Lynn

Purred: Tue Dec 20, '11 2:35pm PST 
She iscompletly off the dry food. It is my younger cat that gets the dry food now until it is gone. She does not have health problems like roxy.

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Alex (sweet angel girl)

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Honest mistake, don't have to get mad about it. Just trying to help. shrug


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If you can once the dry food runs out, make sure that your other kitty gets the wet too. Prevention is key!!!way to go