Diarrhea from TOTW/ Ideas for other dry food?

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I have had Rocky on canned food only for the first few weeks he was with us, then added Blue Wilderness kitten as a filler between meals(because he would meow LOUDLY for more food inbetween times, I tried ignoring him, didn' work, I tried hushing him and he would just hide under my bed meowing even louder). Well, he really didn't like it and would only nibble on it once in a while.

He finally finished off the bag, so I switched to TOTW. He doesn't like this one either. shrug But, he has had diarrhea from it for the last nine days. I took him off of it, but he's back to meaowing for more food inbetween canned food feedings. He's already eating too much canned food, even the vet said it was too much(he's gaining weight too fast).

What other dry food can I feed him? It has to be from either Walmart or Tractor Supply, I can't afford to go to Petsmart until after January(it's an hour away and I'm having financial issues).


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I can't speak for tractor supply, if you know what brands tractor supply carries, to give us a list, perhaps we would be able to offer more help. As far as walmart goes, Newman's Own and Natural Life are the best foods that the Walmarts around here carry.

How old is your cat?

Rocky Balboa- - ADOPTED!

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Rocky is around 4 months old.

The brands at my Tractor Supply are Science Diet, Whiskas, Friskies, TOTW, 4Health, Blue Wilderness Spa Select, Max Cat, Purina, and some other not so well known brands that I can't remember the names of. thinking

I'll check out Newman's Own and Natural Life next time I'm in Walmart, thanks. smile

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You may want to try the Petsmart Simply Nourish line. I can only use the Limited Ingredient (Salmon and Sweet Potato) one, but my cats enjoy it and haven't had any adverse affects. Other dry foods have brown rice in them (which Memphis can't eat) or they make my two more likely to puke. The Limited Ingredient is the only dry food I know of that we haven't any bad stuff about at all. It's not too expensive either; their cans are out of the question, but the dry really is reasonable.

Rocky Balboa- - ADOPTED!

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Well, my Walmart only has Natural Life canned, not dry. So, I'll give Newman's Own a try and see if Rocky likes it and does well on it. Otherwise when I'm able to get to Petsmart(prob. late Jan.) I'll look into the Simply Nourish. Do they have a kitten formula?

Thanks for the suggestions! wave


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You might try a food with high amounts of dietary fiber, as it sounds like he's having some hunger related issues. Fiber can help him feel full without added calories. Pea fiber particularly is beneficial. If you're completely limited to what you've listed at the feed store and petsmart, I'd recommend the Blue Buffalo spa select or the Innova cat food (I know that natura was bought out by P&G, but there have been no ingredient changes since the buyout, and I trust them a lot more than the Purina label). Otherwise I'd look at Pure Vita, (which has a fiber content of 6.5 and has been very palatable in my experience) or the Go line.

You may also find he cries less on a higher protein diet like the one offered by Ziwi peak. You might also try adding a little canned pumpkin to his diet (just be sure not to add too much you he may end up constipated.)