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Purred: Tue Dec 13, '11 6:38pm PST 
So, I haven't been on Catster in a long time, but if I remember correctly, about the time I stopped visiting regularly, I had virtually stopped feeding dry and was introducing Sammy to raw.

Well, you might say we've fallen off the horse red face but I'm really ready to get back on again. Over the last while she's been eating basically just higher-quality dry, with an occasional can of wet food.
It shows, too. She's gained a lot of her weight back (she lost a lot when we went wet) and she has some, eh, gas.

Now, I know from past experiences that those issues will probably disappear once her diet is improved, and I have a different question on my mind right now. She is really overeating lately. She seems almost insatiable! She'll go through at least twice the amount of dry food in a day that she's supposed to, and if I don't feed her all she wants, my other family members will. Sammy can be very... persuasive. She's eating Wilderness, which I suppose is a good brand but I obviously have to stop her from eating so much. She's been to the vet recently (a few weeks ago) and checked out in perfect health other than her weight. Now, her weight isn't in the extremes, but I won't let it get that way.

I have a lot of other questions, but right now this is the most important. How do I keep her from eating so much?


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Purred: Tue Dec 13, '11 7:01pm PST 
She's on all dry right now? If that's the case put her on a timed feeder. But as you know when you transition to raw, you can't feed raw and dry at the same time or even the same day. So that might be trickier.


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Cats are programmed to eat until their need for protein and fat is satiated, and pay no heed to the amount of carbs or calories they are consuming. There is a good chance that when you swap her back to raw, the overeating will cease.

Of course, you have cats like my Amber that will eat everything in site regardless of their food source, and in such cases, you have to control their portions. I have similar issues with other family members feeding Amber when she doesn't need it, so you may just have to get the dry out of the house, so that they can't give it to her.


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Purred: Fri Dec 16, '11 12:46am PST 
Just as Amber said get the dry out of the house. Cats will not be satisfied on a dry diet, so they just keep eating because they are not getting the proper amount of protein. Plus they spray the kibble with enticing animal fats so the cat just cannot resist. If you can go back to Raw feeding I would do so, but go to canned first, then start to introduce the Raw.
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Thanks, guys. I'm feeling kind of unsure of myself right now, but I put a plan together in my mind, so let's just see how it plays out. I can go back to raw, so that's my goal. I got some canned food; she ate a decently small portion of that. It occurred to me that since she'd grown accustomed to having high-moisture food in the past, perhaps she ate more because she was trying to satisfy thirst? cry Any thoughts about that?

I have another question (and after this I'll probably take my questions to the raw forum). On Tuesdays and Thursdays my other family members have to feed Sammy because I go to school in the morning. They don't want to feed anything that isn't cooked and convenient. That means no raw or canned food (they don't like to open cans confused ), or anything that needs to be thawed. So, basically I'm brainstorming for a product that suits the above conditions and is compatible with raw. I was thinking about this one: http://freshpet.com/product/vitalcompletemealscat/

...but I'm not sure the fish and peas are ideal, and it's rather pricey.