Extremely Foul Smelling Poop?

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Spencer &- Lucy

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Purred: Sun May 1, '11 2:05pm PST 
Roundworm also definitely causes Extremely Foul Smelling Poop - we know because we had it! Roundworm is a very common intestinal parasite and there aren't always any outward signs of it. The wormers which kill tapeworm don't always necessarily kill roundworm that's something you might look into. I think routine worming for the first year of a cats life is quite important even if you don't *think* your kitties have worms (once a month up to 6 months then every 3 months with a good veterinary bought wormer - OTC products aren't very effective)

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Purred: Sun May 1, '11 7:30pm PST 
even if he was dewormed once he may need it again. foul smelling poop is often a sign of parasites


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When we brought Keegan home, his poop was exactly as you describe it. It was extremely foul smelling, almost as if something had crawled up inside him and died! It turned out to be roundworms and hookworms both. I hope everything resolves. smile


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Purred: Thu May 5, '11 11:32pm PST 
There are some kitties, like some humans, that can clear a room without having anything wrong with them. Tenny is one of them. I've had her for over a year now, and regardless of diet change, being dewormed, tested for all parasites known to man and cat-kind -- she can be pretty rancid in the litter box. She even went at the vet's once (talk about a fresh sample!) and even though you could smell it in the front office, nothing was found to be wrong with her or the composition of the stool sample.

As long as Ziggy isn't passing diarrhea or anything other than normal poop, I think it just may be his stinky way of letting you know he's not constipated. laugh out loud


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I have had the same foul smelling poop problem at my house now too. I don't know about all of you, but I know the problem here is Giardia, since one of my female mammas got it from cleaning her young babies.Last year. I had taken her to the vet twice. This time 2 of my mommas have gotten it. I am not about to go through all of that again.I really hate giving them perscription meds. First of all I am resaerching it and have found out that you can have your cat's poop tested and get a false negative reading over and over again. And this can happen because the only time the vet can see it is when the egg sac that carries the 2 baby Giardia in it is expelled.Other than that if you see really stinky yellowish poop it can be Giardia or tapeworms.The thing is though if it is tapeworms you will likley see tiny rice like tapeworm bits coming out of the cat's butt. Or find them clinging to her tail. Be sure to get a Drontal pill at the vet for this and eradicate all the fleas. Or you will be living in a nightmare till you do. And it can kill your cats. Giardia can be fatal if left untreated so I am getting an Herbal Remedy this time for them.

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