Extremely Foul Smelling Poop?

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Purred: Fri Apr 29, '11 3:56pm PST 
My kitten Ziggy is 9 months old. His poop is extremely bad smelling. I have had other cats before and have never experienced anything this bad. It is downright putrid. I could be in the other room and the smell wafts into my entire apartment. When I have people over they gag and sometimes even go outside.
I want to know if anyone has advice for what the problem could be. He is on a grain-free diet. He eats wellness canned food and solid gold dry food. All of the info on this problem I have found said it's from low quality food with grains but since he is already grain-free I am at a loss.
Last time he was at the vet it was found he had tapeworms but he received medication for it so I don't think this is an issue either. frown

Alex (sweet angel girl)

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Purred: Fri Apr 29, '11 9:44pm PST 
Since it's not the food, because those are definitely good foods, it's GOT to be parasites and sometimes they need to be treated more than once. When you give antibiotics, you should always also give probiotics so he has healthy flora. Antibiotics kills good and bad bacteria both. It just leaves the system open for those hard to kill little buggers to come back.


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Purred: Fri Apr 29, '11 10:20pm PST 
wolfcreekranch - Diatomaceous Earth for Worms

I recently ordered some diatomaceous earth from wolf creek ranch. It is a natural dewormer - it is even purrfectly safe for people to take every day! A lot of raw feeders that I know use this, and say it is very effective, some taking it themselves as well. Perhaps read the linked article, do some research on your own, and see if that would be worth a try?

Mac's Cat

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Purred: Sat Apr 30, '11 1:09am PST 
Sounds more like Giardia to me.And it is not a worm , it is a protozoan (single celled organism) parasite which is found in the small intestine of vertebrates including mammals. Infection with Giardia lamblia causes giardiasis. Here is one of MANY links I saw;
If large numbers of trophozoites develop the cat will develop symptoms which include;

Foul smelling stools, often yellowish, foamy/frothy.
Weight loss
Abdominal distension
How is giardiasis treated?

Metronidazole (trade name Flagyl) is an antibiotic used to treat giardiasis.
Furazolidone is another antibiotic which is used to treat protozoal infections too.
Fenbendazole which is a drug used to control certain worms is another drug which may be prescribed to treat giardiasis.

Your veterinarian will prescribe whichever drug they feel is best to treat giardiasis in your cat.

So if you also have these problems, I would strongly suggest you see your vet as soon as you can, because all of you can get this. frown
I will purr real hard that this is NOT your problem and that is something that will resolve very quickly! Best of luck and please keep us all posted as to what it turns out to be..



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Purred: Sat Apr 30, '11 6:14am PST 
My mom has read that low quality food can cause smelly poop too. When I go, the smell fills most of the house...hard to compare to your situation, but mom can't imagine that there is a worse smell out there. (And my 2 brothers can clear a room too.) We also eat canned wellness and other high quality canned food. We have also tested negative for parasites (and the stool is a normal consistency)...so we have decided not to worry about it. I've visited the bathroom after the humans "go"....not sure why they are complaining about me!


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Purred: Sat Apr 30, '11 8:14am PST 
We agree, Emily. I eat NO dry and only grain fee canned, and....P>U!!!!
Rory is the same way; he doeme EVO dry. We were recently de-parasite treated (worms and otherwise), and went back for a recheck that came back clear, but our poop smells awful. BooBoo's isn't so bad, never has been, but her poo is abnormally dry (SHE DOES GET MEDS FOR IT)
so only a vet check can say for sure if something is wrong or if you are just a stinker-doo. Oh, and I poop poses compared to Ringo who went missing last fall; he could wake Meowma out of a dead sleep to franically spray the house and it still stunk!


Purred: Sat Apr 30, '11 9:20am PST 
Thanks for the responses! I will definitely look into that natural de-wormer. I hope the parasites aren't anything too serious. confused Maybe I'll take him back to the vet also to see exactly what he has. Thanks again everyone!


Purred: Sat Apr 30, '11 10:21am PST 
Also, I don't think it's giardia but I'll find out anyway. His poop is very normal looking as far as consistency and color go, not yellow or frothy at all. He hasn't lost any weight, a healthy 12 pounds of lean kitty muscle. laugh out loud No vomiting either. He vomited a lot when I first got him at 8 weeks but he also had fleas back then. Thanks for all of the feedback!

Mac's Cat

I am what is- called, a- recycled Cat!
Purred: Sat Apr 30, '11 9:13pm PST 
Oh Meow Ziggy! I am so happy to hear that! Then it should be a lot easier to clear things up. cheer
Please keep up dated as to what works or what the vet tells you if you go back to see him/her.

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Purred: Sat Apr 30, '11 10:37pm PST 
Charlie and Leo had seriously foul smelling poop when I first adopted them. There was obviously something not right! It took multiple stool samples to be tested before the problem showed up. Coccidia. It doesn't always show up in stool sample testing. 10 days of medication and their poop was back to smelling, well, like poop. big grin

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