How much should a 6-8 week old kitten eat?

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I am unsure of Kenta's age he looks on the small side to be 8 weeks but I could be wrong. How much should he be eating in a day? I have a small saucer plate with a single layer of kitten food on it. From the day I got him which was 3 days ago he has only nibbled here and there and hasn't really ate a significant amount. Is this normal with kittens? He's not afraid of any one and is playing normally so it's not because he's scared or anything. Also I tried some different brands of wet food but he won't touch it, he only licks the gravy.shrug
Any help would be appreciated!


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What brands have you tried? Try Blue Wilderness chicken, the blue one, its by Blue Buffalo, you can get it at Petsmart or Petco. Start him with like 1/4 of can for now, and mix with a little warm water, so its soupy, 3 times a day. To get him to start eating somethng now, and get some nutrition in him, give him 1/2 teaspoon Gerber baby food, chicken, mix with warm water, so its like a soup. Since he is so little, only do it once a day, or it may give him diarea. big grin

If he will eat that, try mixing like 1/4 teaspoon of the baby food, with a little of the wet food. big grin

Mine came from a breeder, who fed them kitten dry food, they were eating normal in like 24 hrs. I don't advocate feeding dry food, unless you don't have an option, which is Bump's case, but the kittens when they were little were fed Purina Kitten Chow, you could try a little of that. Thats what the breeder started them on. At this point, you just want him to eat something. Once he starts eating, and feels more comfortable in his new home, in a few weeks, you can try the better quality grain free food, like Blue Wilderness dry or wet. big grin

He is so cute!! He lookys likes us!! wave


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hello wave
He was on Purina kitten chow when he was at the other person's place so I was going to let him continue on it until he was fully comfortable at his new home but he won't really eat it. I have tried 'Taste of the Wild' canned he only licks it. I tried him on cheaper brands because they are smellier like 'Whiskas' and 'fancy feast' but he only licked the gravy again.
I will definitely try the baby food on him thanks for the suggestion! way to go

Hopefully he eats or I'm going to be pulling my hair out in worry...


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Have you tried feeding him? Like holding him in your arms and letting him lick the food off your fingers? Some babies need that little jumpstart, plus you bond with him. Also, your body heat warms the food up for his little tummy. And maybe try kitten milk/formula; you indicated he might be very young, so maybe he left his mom too soon (some kittens are fine at 6 weeks, others not til 12). You may have to try a few things.