CRF Kidney Failure & Fancy Feast

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My human Grandpa (who is a Veterinarian) has an 18 & 1/2 year old kitty who was diagnosed with CRF in July 2008, anyways he REFUSED to eat k/d and the Royal Canin Kidney Diets, so has just been on the Fancy Feast canned pack you buy at Costco with some of the Kirkland Signature Dry. He mostly eats the canned though getting about 3-4 cans per day. His blood values have increased just a little bit over the past year, and he is still happy and 'healthy' so to speak. Anyone else experience that? I think it is the canned food that is helping him the most. Cooney is the OLDEST outdoor cat I have ever heard of, now that he's older he spends more time indoors, but he HATED to be inside as a young cat, they couldn't keep him inside, but now he hardly ventures outside anymore. Just wanted to share.

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When I was diagnosed with early-stage CRF, my vet put me on a kidney diet, too. I hated 'em all and started losing weight.

My vet liked that even less, and told Mom to check for the lowest protein values on whatever food I liked. So now I eat Fancy Feast Elegant Medley (I loooove the souffle stuff), and the "feast" varieties, like Chopped Grill Feast. Protein minimum of 10%, a bit higher than the k/d diet's 6.5 percent, but the doc says weight loss is my worst enemy.

It also helps that my sibs and I don't have to be fed in different rooms, because the kidney diet didn't have enough protein for those pesky kittens.


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I give fancy feast as well. i haven't had any experiences with kidney failure though. Sprinkles has good muscle tone, is lean, and has a excellent coat(actually, her coat is better on a middle grade canned like fancy feast then it is on a holistic brand of dry)


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Munchie there is no doubt that the wet food is helping with theCRF as the kidneys need the added moisture.
Though I will say that a high protein diet is better than a low protein diet for CRF, and phosphorous binders used.
Here is a site about it, with many links aswell.

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Thanks for the link. We'll check it out.

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I lived for almost 15 years on Fancy Feast canned and of course dry food. I was healthy until I got a tumor. My earth sisters and brothers eat Fancy Feast and none of them are sick either.little angel


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Oh I don't know what they should eat...two of my cats died of kidney failure but they were both so old....I had fed them on anything, everything......all sorts of food......but they died.......when they were dying the vet wanted me to feed them on a special food....but they both hated it....!!! and ate their normal food.........

I truly believe that cats live until they die....ie that they are healthy or not healthy and the food they are fed makes very little difference......that is how it seems to me.........

Not much help.....sorry......


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My vet agreed that it is more important to eat any cat food rather than try to force you to eat kidney food if you don't like it. I also liked Fancy Feast and it was the only wet food I'd eat. One prescription kidney food I liked was Purina NF which was very tasty and your grandpa's cat may want to try that for his dry food.


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Our sister Smokey (now at the Bridge) had CRF, and Fancy Feast was all she would eat, and sometimes Purina Indoor dry. She hated the kidney food, and Mom's vet said any food is better than no food and to let her eat whatever she wanted.

Smokey's CRF was caused by poisoning from eating part of a peace lily, so it was more like ARF. She only made it 8 months after her diagnosis, so Mom is glad she fed her things she liked.

And our old sister Sara eats only Fancy Feast, and she is 16.