Is cottage cheese ok for cats?

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I sometimes mix a few spoonfuls of cottage cheese in with my dogs food. I was wondering if it would be a good idea to do the same with my kitty's food. Not everyday mind you but maybe twice a week & just a spoonful. Would it be a good idea or not?thinking

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I don't know if it's GOOD, but when I was sick and getting picky about food, mom was reading all over the place trying to find things that I could eat, and cottage cheese was one of them. She offered me some, sometimes I ate some but usually I didn't.

So I don't think a little now and then would hurt.


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Most kitties are lactose intolerant, so adding a lot of dairy to the food usually isn't recommended.

I doubt a tiny taste as a treat would cause a problem, but spoonfuls might be too much to process. silenced


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While kitties might like cottage cheese I found it usually makes their poop stinky, or stinkier than usual. I also have had cats that could not tolerate ANY dairy, so be careful. If they start to vomit do not give them any more. My first kitty almost died from lactose intolerance. My step father insisted on giving her pet milk to help in her digestion. Of course she wound up with incessant vomitng & diarrhea.


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Thanks for the responses. I think I'll just forget about giving them cottage cheese.