How much wet food does a cat need a day?

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My local grocery store has Fancy Feast really affordable-only 50 cents. The other store charges 56 cents. Would only one can feed a cat a day, or do they need 3 (I think the can says one can per 3 pounds of body weight).


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Cans and Bags of food are always overstated. You want to go by how many calories.
Take the weight of cat x that by 13.6 and add 70 this will give you calorie intake for the day.
Fancy Feast can be expensive, here are the good flavours of fancy feast that do not contain gluten.
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I think that most of the cans of fancy feast have an average of 100 calories each. email the company though because they can tell you how much is in each variety.


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A general guideline is that cats need about 4 - 6 ounces per day. I have also heard 4 - 8 ounces per day. Yes, the info on the cans usually is overstated -- the one ounce per pound of body weight that I have seen is usually too much for most cats (unless they're smallies like little Nadi or smaller).

You would probably need about two cans of the 3 ounce cans of Fancy Feast per day.

There is a lot of good nutrition and feeding info and www.catinfo.org (Dr. Lisa Pierson's site)

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thank you! ive been trying to figgure it out as well - my cats about 6 lbs - and i feed her one 3 oz can a day - but she nibbles on a few mouthfuls of dry through the day as well - and always seems to be yenning for more and i wasnt sure how much to be feeding her of the wet as ive never fed my cats wet before......

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Jellybean gets 2 spoonfulls every night and that's it. Make sure you don't give her too much because wet food is very filling, and she won't want her kibble.


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Actually most vets now are realizing that Wet food is better for our cats. More wet food the better, less kibble.
Here is just one of many articles on dry food.