You can get grain-free wet from the grocery store

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There are alot of foods that people didn't know were grain free, I went to alot of sites and read the ingredients and here are the foods that are grain free, that are cheap and/or you can get at the grocery store. If you have anything to add, please add!

9lives real flaked tuna in sauce
9lives ground dinners(except tuna and shrimp and turkey and giblet)
Fancy feast gourmet(all varities, I only feed fancy feast gourmet)
Fancy feast flaked fish and shrimp
Fancy feast flaked ocean fish
Fancy feast kitten(both varieties)
Tiki(all varieties)
Sheba(all varities)

and of course raw meat to supplement, obviously you can get that at the grocery store.


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SoJo has a nice cat food mix - it does have a few grains but quality.
You can find sojo in many stores or
here is the free shipping link:

FOR dogs - they have 3 mixes and one is Grain free...
for cats - only one mix...
YOU add our own RAW or LIGHTLY cooked meats to the mix.

HOPe this helps....