Dented cans

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Purred: Thu May 8, '08 6:56pm PST 
I've just opened a box of canned food I ordered a while ago. I usually open up the box as soon as it gets here, but I didn't this particular time.

Anyway, I've found 2 of the cans have dents in them.

What are your views on this - are these cans safe for consumption?

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Purred: Thu May 8, '08 9:04pm PST 
We've never ordered food through the mail because I was afraid of this very thing. Mommy once bought a case of food and all us cats refused to eat it. She opened about 4 cans and we wouldn't touch none of it. It was the same brand and flavor we usually get, but something just wasn't right about it so mommy took it back to the store and they gave her another case with a different batch number and all was good.

Luckily we can buy our food nearby, but I can understand that some of you need to order your food.

I have read of others ordering through the mail and receiving damaged cans and sometimes they would contact the company and let them know where they ordered from and the condition of the cans. Sometimes the company will replace the damaged cans or even the place you ordered from might give you credit.
I think you should let them know the condition of the cans though, so they might be more careful in the future when shipping.

The only thing you can do is open the cans and smell them. If they have a funky smell then toss them, it's not worth taking a chance with, IMO.


The Tiny 4- Parade!
Purred: Thu May 8, '08 10:27pm PST 
Unfortunately I'm one of the ones who has to order online, as nothing is available elsewhere. confused

I guess it would be good to write to the company to tell them of the conditions of the can...but now the pain in the butt is that I'll have to write it in Japanese, and I'm not so sure I can explain it well enough. thinking

I don't see any leakage in the cans....well, there were only 2 dented cans....maybe better safe than sorry and just toss them...hmm...


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Purred: Fri May 9, '08 6:40am PST 
I would just toss them. I would be worried they would make somebody sick. I have seen food that was bad from very small dents! eek


The Tiny 4- Parade!
Purred: Fri May 9, '08 4:19pm PST 
I'm tossing them for sure now after seeing that emoticon! laugh out loud

Off to toss!



Purred: Fri May 9, '08 4:27pm PST 
I don't understand why a dent in a can could make the food bad if the tin is still airtight? Can somecat explain that?
I would have thought that as long as the tin hasn't been penetrated then the food would be OKshrug


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Purred: Fri May 9, '08 5:30pm PST 
Hi everyone!

Peppie I would not use a dented can because even a small dent can cause enough damage for microorganisms to enter and cause botulism. It is usually worse it the dent is on the seem or near the rims of the can, but I would not risk it. Botulism is very serious! If you google botulism you will see what I mean. Yuck! shock

I wouldn't recommend people eat anything out of dented cans either.

Mooch I would call the company if you can and they may give you a credit. Good luck!


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Purred: Fri May 9, '08 6:28pm PST 
I have had food in dented cans come out perfect....

But today, I opened a NON DENTED CAN and it smelled and looked awful, so I threw it out. That hasn't happened to me in a long time, but these things happen even with "quality control"


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Purred: Sun May 11, '08 2:45pm PST 
The seals on cans can "go bad" and dented ones do it much more. It is not worth the risk...