Where are all the Exotic Shorthairs?

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Leave me alone!
Purred: Sat Apr 28, '07 8:06pm PST 
Here I am! I am the Redhead , Exotic Red Tabby, and I am Lucy's sister!wave


Purred: Wed May 16, '07 1:32pm PST 
Awww!!! I am amazed! Such a beautiful cats!!! cheer
I am going to shave mine big grin


Purred: Sat Jun 2, '07 1:59pm PST 
I'm so excited to see all you Exotic Shorthairs!!! Mom has been very negligent in checking messages!! This is really great!! Glad to meet all of you!!!

Apollo Cream- (Deeply- Missed, N

I Hate Mondays!
Purred: Mon Jun 4, '07 2:10pm PST 
waveI'm an Exotic Shorthair, too! My mom just signed me up! So happy to see other Exotics!!


Purred: Sat Jun 16, '07 8:08am PST 

I'm new here! My name is Rufus, I'm a cat from 1 year old. I was founded outside, and now I've been adopted. I'm a Belgian cat who really likes to sleep... And i'm also a Exotic Shorthair


Sweetest kitty- around...
Purred: Tue Jul 24, '07 11:07am PST 
Here I am! I haven't posted for a while but when I do, it is in the smushy face cat club and there are pretty many just like us there! We are sooo cute, aren't we!?!


Purred: Fri Aug 17, '07 4:49am PST 
Mommy is going to be getting an exotic shorthair kitten! Its name is Barbosa.


Purred: Mon Mar 3, '08 10:02pm PST 
Hi there! Ewok is a brand new baby male white and black van exotic. Any other exotic owners that have some comments or advice for me would be great, since this is our first! Thanks a ton!

Vélo- Makak

Always- Suspicious
Purred: Wed Apr 30, '08 8:25am PST 
Hi all you beautiful Exotic Shorthairs!
I'm Makkie from CT and I'm definitely an ESH kitty!
My little sissy Onion is an Exotic that's playing at the Rainbow Bridge...
We're glad to meet all of you cuties!


Release the- good!
Purred: Wed Jun 18, '08 11:44pm PST 
Hi there!

I am Chip! I am a smooshy face too!

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