European Burmese cats

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Purred: Mon Dec 8, '08 7:46pm PST 
I am a European Burmese,would love to here from more European Burmese cats.I talk to my owners all the,I love to be right where my owners are!


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Purred: Sun Feb 15, '09 1:17pm PST 
Hi Scruffy, in the UK you would be classed as an Asian cat same background and personality as a burmese but a broader range of colours. I have just been to choose a kitten from a breeder of both types and one Asian was so cute and looked just like you but I was picked by a blue burmese boy and will collect him in 4 weeks as a friend for my wonderful ragdoll girl .It was the chatty loving temperament you describe that drew me to the breed and as a soon to be new owner of this breed Catster is a great way to meet other owners and share stories and problems. Hope to speak to you again when I get my boy.


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Purred: Sun Mar 29, '09 10:06am PST 
Hi Scruffy hear you have been talking to my big sisfur Misty and want a European Burmese friend. I am 15 weeks old and blue in colour. I also talk all the time and love to be on a lap. I love to eat and I am always up for an adventure. My dad was a champion and mum thinks I am going to be just as handsome but I am happy just to be a pet and be loved a lot. Would like to be your friend as not many EB's on catster to talk to.


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Purred: Tue Jan 18, '11 5:37am PST 
waveHello i'm new to the family myself & my family is new to the breed.I'm also new to Catster (myself) that is.But not my family no