Shedding issue

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Purred: Sun Feb 17, '08 5:24pm PST 
Does anyone else shed alot? I do my mom brushes me everyday and usually gets three to four huge brushfulls of fur out of me. But no matter what she does I still leave big clumps of undercoat all over her apartmet. I am no sick, so that isn't the reason I am shedding this much. Mom jokes that I'm part German Shepherd, because that is the only other animal that sheds as much as I do.


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Me too!

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I have found that the short toothed grooming rake that I use when shedding out my German Shepherd Dog, works equally as well for shedding out my cats!!! However, although I've had many cats and also used to have quite a few German Shepherds and collies, the cats NEVER equalled the dogs in shedding ability. However when I had an aviary, the birds easily outdid the cats AND the dogs in the amount of total messes of feathers, spilled seed, etc they managed to leave for me to have to clean up all the time!!!!

Some cats do have very thick undercoats, even if they are short or medium haired.

Cats will shed more than usual if they have flea allergy. Typically there is a particularly noticeable pattern of hair loss on the rump and down the back of the hindlegs and on the belly. It only takes one flea bite for a cat to show an allergic reaction.

Cats also shed more than usual when they are nervous (which is why even extremely well groomed cats will still manage to shed at a cat show!!!)

The best thing I've found that cats will rub against because they like it, is what looks like an arch that looks almost like a bottle brush, attached to a base like a scratching post base. I cannot remember the name of it now, but my cats have used this for years to rub against, removing quite a bit of dead hair themselves in the process!!!

When cleaning up cat hair, a damp paper towel will pick up a lot of hair more quickly than even a vacuum cleaner will!!!