Best grooming product EVER!!!

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40% fur 60%- attitude
Purred: Sat Dec 15, '12 1:35am PST 
I recently took my baby to a nearby kitty clinic, and they taught me how to groom her properly. I have been posting questions on here for over a year about how to care for my Flossie's freakishly (4.5 inches) long fur. She is a lovely kitty, but screams and runs away when I try to comb her, and in her case brushing is NOT enough. Since we are all domestic long hair kitty owners, and don't have access to the groom-training offered by breeders of long haired kittens, I think it may be helpful for you to know about this comb. smile

It's called an undercoat rake...It was developed by people who breed German Shepherds. BUT the great thing about this product is that it removes all of that dead undercoat that causes matts without scratching their skin, or pulling too much.

Miss Flossie loves it as much as her slicker brush, and I get lumps of fur the size of baseballs out of her daily. No more matts, and a happy schmoozie kitty throughout. It's tefflon coated, so tuggs less than the comb. Everyone with some kind of Himmie descendant should really try to find this!

Best wishes to all the fluffy kitties out there!