Cute hybrid cats

If you are wondering what is the right cat for you, this is the place to be. In this introductory forum we talk about topics such as breed vs. mix, size, age, grooming, breeders, shelters, rescues as well as requirements for exercise, space and care. No question is too silly here. This particular forum is for getting and giving helpful, nice advice. It is definitely not a forum for criticizing someone else's opinion, knowledge or advice. This forum is all about purring and learning.


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Wanting to get a new kitty. Which ones of these hybrid cats do you find the cutest? Or which one would be the best in your opinion?


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Almost all kittens are cute and most healthy cats are attractive. This makes choosing dificult!


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Excuse me, but you don't choose a cat or dog as you do a wallpaper or a car! There is a LOT more to be considered - health issues, personality (the most important), size, amiability; physical appearance is the LEAST important aspect. After all, you are considering bringing into your home not an animate decoration but a sentient being who has likes, dislike, wants, needs, and emotions - and those are the MOST important considerations. Ideally, you should personally meet any cat you might be interested in adopting; it's very, very much like adopting a child, for it is (or should be! a life-time commitment. Please, reconsider your priorities before you disappoint yourself and possibly damage a cat.