concerns with the kitten I'm getting

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The concerns are in regard to some planned trips this summer and my getting a kitten.

The person raising my kitten and his littermates gave a ballpark figure of us getting them about June 9th.

Problem is, I'll be going on a week-long trip on the 10th. I have informed them of this, so I'm trying to get them to agree to the 16th. I'm sure they'll try to cooperate, since they're friends of mine and nice people anyway.
But I'm just kinda nervous.
If I did get the kitten on the 9th, my family could take care of it while I'm gone. I'm just worried they'll be more careless than I would. I've done more research. Plus I have a dog, and I'm going to have to be cautious about the kitten and dog meeting and interacting. My family might not be so cautious, or they might be careless and forget to put one or the other up...

Also, we're all going on a family vacation in July. We'll be finding friends to take care of both our dog and cat. We've talked about pet friendly hotels, but decided against it. And my relatives we'll be visiting don't want my dog around, for understandable reasons regarding one of their dogs. Plus, the traffic there is heavy and very fast, and my dog is an escape artist who is accustomed to walking right in the middle of the road and just walking out of the way when cars go by.

So we're planning to leave the kitten and the dog with friends, perhaps separately. I don't think there's too much trouble there. But I want to be sure, or if there's anything I could do to make it easier on them. smile
I originally wanted to wait until after our vacation to get the kitten. And at first the person raising him was like, sure. Now they're saying they can't keep them that long. (For understandable reasons. They already have a lot of cats, and then they took in this pregnant cat.) So, I'm trying to work with them. Plus I'm already attached to these kittens.


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I think it is smart to delay getting the kitten til the 16th. Be very careful with introducing the kitten to the dog. The kitten will likely be terrified of the dog, even if the dog is ok with kitten. Introduce SLOWLY. I have a doberman and 3 cats, one of which we jut took in in december, and it was a slow process, but it worked out fine. You have to teach the dog that it is NEVER ok to chase the cat. Ever. Use treats. I sat on the floor with my dog, making sure she was restrained and let the cat walk around and PRAISE, PRAISE, PRAISE, the dog and give him treats saying "you are such a good doggie!" while the dog is being calm around the cat. This has been a the best way I know to train them to be in harmony together. However, if your dog cannot be calm around the cat and goes after it, it may take a lot more than this method. You will jsut have to see. Has the dog ever been around cats? Also, even if it seems the dog is fine around cats....I NEVER leave my cat around my dog. My cat is put up away from the dog every time. You just never know.

As far as your July vacation. I would consider boarding the kitten. THat way you know the kitten will be safe. I would be worried about the kitten just getting settled in your house and then leaving it, or taking it elsewhere, unless you absolutely know that the person is going to watch that kitten like a hawk and keep it safely in a room. If you do have to bring it to someones house, tell them to contain the kitten to one room, do not let it roam. You will not be gone that long and a week or two would be fine for the kitten to remain in one room, and safer than letting it roam around a house it is not used to. Too many risks for the cat to get out, get into something, and get hurt or lost, or worse. I trust my vet and I would board the kitten if it were me. My older cats, we have someone check and feed them twice a day, and care for their litter box, and that is fine for them, but I would never leave a young kitten home alone for those lengths of time. My kitten even now, at almost a year old, he is not free to roam the house when we are gone, because of the dog and becaue he is still naughty. He goes into his room, which has a cat tree and a window, and he is fine in there while we are gone. He sleeps in there at night too. He has lots of time out, but he is not old enough to be trusted to roam the house freely yet and a baby kitten is worse. You need to baby proof your home like you would do if you had an infant, and watch them like a hawk.

Good luck with your new baby smile How exciting!


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Yeah. I'm not sure if boarding would even be an option. I'll run it by my mom. I know our old vet offers boarding services. And the cat's shots and stuff will be all taken care of before then.
If we don't board, I know someone who has several cats and I know she'd do a great job taking care of a kitten if she was asked. She does live in an apartment, though.
Would that be alright? The kitten is already growing up in a multiple cat household in his current home. The male I'm considering, though, is a bit rowdy and I'm told stood up to one of the older cats. Not sure if that would cause a problem.

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