Getting a friend for an older cat

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Howie- (1999-2014)

Me, Me, Me!
Purred: Sun May 5, '13 10:14am PST 
My Louie has been gone over a month now, and Howie seems very lonely. He's very demanding of affection from me, but at times just wanders the apartment, I think smelling and looking for Louie. I'm going on a long road trip at the end of June, and I think after that I'll visit the shelter. The vet says a kitten is best so Howie doesn't feel threatened, but the kitty should be a little older, like 4-6 months so it can defend itself. She said a boy is best.

But I wanted to see if anyone had any input on age and sex. I've tried to foster an adult cat and that totally didn't work, so I agree a kitten is best.