Jixie has a sister named Cecilia and I need HELP please....

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It's been Jixie and I for four years and she's bascially allowed me to live in our condo and runs my house. Still looking for balance and often when I get home after a long day she's full of play and I'm feeling guilty because she's been on her own for too long of a day and our play time just does not seem like enough... So I adopted a kitten yesterday. Kitten is in my guest bedroom all set up and getting adjusted to the both of us. Jixie still has run of the house but this morning I woke up and found her hiding under the bed. Jixie is curious about the kitty but she's scared and hisses at Jixie and then Jixie starts to hiss and its all over..... Just need some tips about how to work it all out.... I do have a gate in front of the guest bedroom door so they can see each other. They will be home together for 9 hours alone.... Kitten had little brothers and sisters that were adopted and loves to be held. Trying to balance it out and know it will get better but I need some tips and reassurance from my multiple cat home friends....

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It sounds like you're doing everything right to me!

Have you tried a pheromone diffuser/spray like Feliway or calming product like Rescue Remedy? Something like those might help relieve some of the stress.

I think Jackson Galaxy recommended feeding or giving cats treats when they can see each other through a screen or gate. That way, they learn to make positive associations with the other kitty.

Other than that, I'd say keep doing what you're doing. And bless you for adopting! hug