Young stray found

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Hi everyone. Need some advice. A beautiful young male showed up on my doorstep and I've been feeding and looking after him. He was starving and looked pretty beat up when he first came around. He seems much better now but I think he needs medical attention and I don't think he's neutered. He's very sweet, let's me pet him and I think he trusts me enough for me to get him in a carrier. But here's my dilemma. I already have 3 cats, one who is 15. I don't know if it would be wise to bring in another. So if I bring him to the vet what do I do with him afterward? I've called many shelters and they are all full. I want to give this guy every chance, I think he is very adoptable. I just do not want to put my others in jeopardy. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.