Male or Female Ragamuffin kitten?

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I am new to this place, hi there smile I need some help. I am getting a kitten from a Ragamuffin breeder after over a year of searching and going through shelters and online sites. My sweet kitty Daisy had to be put down over a year ago, and I have missed her ever since. I finally decided on a Ragamuffin because I want a affectionate kitty. So here's the problem. There are a few males and females that I am choosing from, I was almost completely decided on one of the males, but then I got to thinking about size. I want to be able to cuddle with my kitty and have him/her near me. I'd also like to be able to carry said kitty. Male Ragamuffins get pretty huge, I'm thinking maybe I should get one of the females I like because they don't get as big? But I still like the male I wanted? Help? P.S. Daisy was a very small kitty, she didn't like to be held by most people, but I knew how to hold her. And she liked to be on my lap. Maybe I should get a female instead of the male because having a female cat is all I've ever known? (I also have a Parrotlet.)

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Male cats tend to be more friendly (there are always exceptions), and it seems that you have already picked out your kitty. It shouldn't be a problem to cuddle with a big cat. As for holding, unless you plan to carry your cat around with you all the time, that should be manageable as well. I have a number of very big cats and heft them around trains and cat show halls. Choose the kitty you like best.