A new kitten and an older cat

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Purred: Tue Apr 3, '12 8:22pm PST 
I have a question.

I am planning on adopting a kitten this summer as a companion to my eight year old cat Oracle. Oracle lost her kitty companion of many years in February and went through a process of mourning (even though the cats did not really get along, they gave each other a respectful distance, but my older cat Serabe who was 10 when I adopted Oracle as a 2 year old was something of a pistol and fought with Oracle often). Both females, with Serabe being the alpha and Oracle the submissive one. After Serabe died, I discovered to my surprise that Oracle is not a one person cat and obviously she needs a friend/foe/someone like her.

Here's the question, is it better to adopt a kitten into a home with a more senior cat than to adopt an older cat who also has a history? Would Oracle be more accepting of a kitten who isn't bigger and older than she is? Oracle has medical problems (hyperthyroid and occasional bouts with kitty flu that she picked up in her former home) as well as mental (she was a rescue from an abuse situation) but she is a gentle soul and "a little lady" as my mother calls her.

Any advice would be wonderful, thank you.

Orange Ruffy

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Purred: Wed Apr 4, '12 7:53am PST 
I would suggest that any cat that gets on with other cats would be ok. I would discourage you getting a very young kitten, becuase Ive found that though my boys were very tolerant of CK , the girls weren't. Also, a young, very active kitten might worry Oracle.
Perhaps a young cat, or just a 'cat friendly' cat will do fine....sadly, sometimes shelters break up a 'pair' of cats and the cat left behind really desperately needs another cat.

There is usually an adjustment period, but cats work it out. All the best to you and Oracle


Purred: Wed Apr 4, '12 9:12am PST 
I'm 14, and my mom is 15. We share a house with a 1 year old cat that momma got when she was 2 and a half weeks old. It was a little bit rough on us to have a kitten that young around, but once she hit about six months of age and older, she settled down and became tolerable for us. Now we chase each other around sometimes and play together!

I would recommend getting a cat 6 months of age or older, personally. Mom didn't intend to have another cat besides us, but when she found an orphaned kitten she couldn't leave it there.