Persian vs. Exotic

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Purred: Mon Nov 29, '10 2:59am PST 
What is the difference between these two breeds? I often see breeders advertising Exotics as Shorthaired Persian. But, I've also see Longhaired Exotics, which look exactly like Persian. Then, there are Himalayans. Sometimes I see them listed as Himalayans and other times as Color Point Persians or Himalayan Persian. Are these all the same breed with different names or three seperate breeds? I'm so confused!


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Purred: Mon Nov 29, '10 7:29am PST 
They are all the same, with different coats, for all intents and purposes. Exotics came about when the Persian breeders started mating the 'oopsie' shorthairs that look like persians but got the short coat, so they are short haired persians. A long hair exotic has Exotic parents, but is a throwback to the long haired (Persian) ancestors. Himalayans (color point longhair) have Siamese in the mix,intentionallly introduced ages ago.
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