Why Do People Go To Breeders?

If you are wondering what is the right cat for you, this is the place to be. In this introductory forum we talk about topics such as breed vs. mix, size, age, grooming, breeders, shelters, rescues as well as requirements for exercise, space and care. No question is too silly here. This particular forum is for getting and giving helpful, nice advice. It is definitely not a forum for criticizing someone else's opinion, knowledge or advice. This forum is all about purring and learning.

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Japanese Bobtail
Purred: Thu Dec 2, '10 5:27am PST 
OMC - im giggling my tushy off at Bumps post..
HEY, hay.. I wanna go on a hayride with Apollo driving.. it could be a good time, lets split a bottle fur that one ! MOL

big laugh Now where the heck is that cat? Apollooooooo? where are you?


headed for the- light.
Purred: Thu Dec 2, '10 8:38am PST 
I want to hayride!Meowma says I have to go to some place called North Carolina with her next weekend. Maybe the hayride could take us there, and I am not afraid of jumping wagons!
Bumpurr, we were hoping you might be at that show, and you and Meowma could get rooms at the same place, but it looks like your part of New york is awful far from the show. KK, you are closer, although it's the wrong region...Meowma just says it would be fun to meet some Catsters while out on the road. If we get a chance while school is out next summer, we might go further North if we have been selling enough stuff to pay for rooms and gas.


Japanese Bobtail
Purred: Thu Dec 2, '10 1:51pm PST 
Boo Boo, what are you selling? The Carolinas is wayyyy to far fur us to travel, MOM stays in the NY - NJ - PA - CT and has been in NH.


Proud mother of- the Fab Four!
Purred: Thu Dec 2, '10 5:36pm PST 
Another thing about buying a cat from a breeder--if you choose the right breeder, you can have a friend for life. At the very least, you can get good advice from your breeder, often advice that vets don't think of. The truth is that most vets aren't really up on cat breeds, and if you ever plan on breeding (most people don't), vets often don't know as much about kitten birth as breeders do, because vets are mostly more involved with preventing pregnancy than in seeing it through. Of course, this is a generalization, but it never hurts to have as many sources of information as possible.

♥- Roxy- ♥

Polydactyl Maine- Coons Rule!
Purred: Thu Dec 2, '10 5:50pm PST 
Hey I'm going to be in NH next month, anyone know if there are any cat shows coming up there?

That is true about breeders! Roxy's breeder sends us photos and updates of their cats, and we send them photos and updates of Roxy. Every year they have a special "Holiday parade" email which they send out to everyone on their list, with photos they've received from all the people who have gotten cats from them. It's really neat to see the photos of Roxy's siblings and other cats in her "family".

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Purred: Thu Dec 2, '10 5:54pm PST 
Kitten mills are not to the extent of puppy mills. But they do exist.
Here is a link, though I suggest you not look at it if you are of a weak constitution: http://www.purebredcatrescue.org/kitten-mills

I would guess they are a very small percentage to the no. puppy mills. Normally they supply online places as well as places like Petland.



Future mother of- Grand Champions!
Purred: Thu Dec 2, '10 8:16pm PST 
Yuck! Obviously, they can't sell kittens with health conditions like those described, so I assume that kitten mills end up "getting rid of" (choose your method) cats that can't be sold in pet stores.

The cats I've seen in my local pet store, a chain, are all healthy looking. If you know your breed standards, you might see a kitten who can only be described as "pet quality," but the truth is, many times you can't tell the quality of a kitten at 2-3 months (I'm talking about breed standards here, not health). Lowell, who is an exceptionally good cat, didn't look like anything really special until after he'd been neutered at around 7 months. And I would have no idea how to judge the kittens of other breeds.

However, before I learned about how to buy from a breeder, I was doing some comparison shopping among the different branches of this chain. I was mostly looking for red tabby Maine Coons, but was also interested in a cute little long haired Scottish Fold (of course, red tabby and white). The people in the store are up-front about health problems (either that, or they tell you about some health problems and not about others...). One Maine Coon had an undescended testicle. I was told that it would either descend naturally, given time, or else an operation would be necessary. At that time, I had no intention of showing a cat, and didn't know anything about showing anyway, but now I know that an undescended testicle is a disqualifying trait. The Scottish Fold was on sale, but I was told that there was a possibility that he might develop FIP in the future. I had no idea at that time what FIP was, and when I asked, I was told, "Well, it means that the cat dies." Uh, you expect me to pay $500 for a cat who may die within a few months? Now that I know more about cat health, I suspect that the kitten in question had a high titer of coronavirus antibodies (is that right?), which I now know doesn't necessarily mean anything (most cats have coronavirus antibodies, and the titer can go up or down).

One thing I find suspicious, though, is that the cats and dogs sold by this chain get cheaper as they get older. Yup, everybody wants a cute, tiny little kitten or puppy. If the kitten or puppy isn't sold fast, the price goes down and down, and...after that, what happens, I don't know. I used to think that the shops then destroyed the animals, but now I think they probably return them to the breeders...maybe. Breeders often have cats who, for whatever reason, take a while to sell. My own breeder would sometimes end up with extremely striking cats who just didn't sell--Elise was one of them. She fits the MC standard very well and has a sunny personality; I don't know why nobody wanted her. It's just fate, or luck. My breeder once told me that long haired cats don't sell very well during the summer months, because they make people feel hot just to look at; they sell better in the winter, when people are cold.

In any event, this particular chain has its problems, but I don't think they're getting their kittens from mills. Still, I would never buy from them because they sell their kittens before they are properly socialized, and the prices are ridiculously high. You can get better cats for much less from a breeder. It does take a bit of research, however, to find out what to look for in a cat and to find a good breeder. People who need instant gratification buy at pet shops.

Oh, and these pet shops ARE under the auspices of the local health authorities. Everyone who works in the store must get a license that enables them to advertise and sell their animals. I think it's the same license I have. In theory, it means inspection by health department authorities occasionally, although I've never heard of small scale breeders getting inspected. I imagine that pet shops do.


Even the sun- loves me.
Purred: Thu Dec 2, '10 11:00pm PST 
"Boo Boo, what are you selling?"

Is it just me or is that simple sentence funny? big grin

(I know BooBoos momma and she knows I'm not being snarky or mean. And I am not nearly as funny as she is. big grin)


Japanese Bobtail
Purred: Fri Dec 3, '10 5:21am PST 
I asked what Boo Boo selling because this is what she said in her post :

Meowma just says it would be fun to meet some Catsters while out on the road. If we get a chance while school is out next summer, we might go further North if we have been selling enough stuff to pay for rooms and gas.

SOooooo I asked what she was selling

laugh out loudlaugh out loud

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headed for the- light.
Purred: Fri Dec 3, '10 9:07am PST 
It's ok, Meowma knows Scootwer's meowmy.
Meowma is selling her "stuff" laugh out loud
Actually she makes cat mats with insul-brite inside that reflect body heat--for you house or show cage. (See Boris' profile page to see one)
She also watches junk shops, yard sales, etc. for interesting wooden items that can be remade into really cool four post beds or daybeds.
She does gourd craft, currently making a show-type Meezer... also she's currently making paw-stockings and has a ton of other kitty ideas but not enough time to make them. All the things are unique because Meowma doesn't use patterns, copy other people, or make more than one exact copy of an item.
I don't think Catster wants us 'selling things" on here so didn't list my contacts. But If you really want to see, email me and I can give you a website-- unfortunately kind of empty right now because meowma is not listing anything new, until after the show.

She isn't making a lot of money but it gets the items out of the house, and if it could pay for us to go to some shows in other Regions, that would be fun. We love the show folks. If theres a "rrreally big shoe" up there June-August please let us know; Meowma wants to do mostly the ones that usually get 300 cats, as she's afraid she might not sell enough things to finance the trip otherwise. However, we may try to do a smaller one closer to home to see how that works out.

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