The Story of Kima...

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I wanted to share some background on one of our cats, our evil queen that we love named Kima. Recently my bf was asked to write some history about her for a Facebook page that wanted to feature her, and here is his story. It's true what they say...cats choose you, not the other way around. You may go in wanting one kind of cat, and you'll find some other cat finds you that you were meant to be with.

I went to the APA of Missouri with one goal in mind... to adopt an orange tabby kitten.
I filled out the paperwork and went back to see all of the cats.
There I found a beautiful male kitten who fit the bill exactly.
Things didn't turn out quite as I planned though when I returned to the adoption desk.
In reviewing my paperwork, the woman at the desk saw that I rented my apartment.
She told me she would need to call the landlord to verify it was okay to have pets.
I thought there was something in my lease about not allowing pets but that wasn't going to stop me.
I bypassed the manager of the building and gave her the number to the actual owner.
Luckily, he was a cat lover himself.
He told the woman I could have one cat and it had to be a female.
There was an issue with the previous tenant where their cat urinated all over the living room carpet and it had to be replaced.
The woman at the adoption desk hung up the phone and informed me that I should probably go back and look for another cat.
I strolled back into the area and looked through all of the cages.
This time, I decided to look at the adult cats.
There was one cat who caught my attention but she completely ignored me.
I moved onto the next cage and saw a beautiful grey tabby cleaning herself.
I put my finger through the openings in the door to greet her.
She looked up at me and immediately started licking my finger.
I liked her.
There was a note on her cage that read... "Looking for a second chance" and listed her age at 1 1/2-2 years old.
I got one of the volunteers and had them open the cage for me.
I pulled the cat out and put her on my shoulders.
She started licking my hair to show me affection.
At this point, I knew she was the one.
We put her back into the cage and I went back up to the adoption desk.
When I told the woman which cat I wanted to adopt, she asked me if I knew her story.
She told me that the cat was brought in homeless and pregnant.
She had two kittens while at the shelter and both of them were adopted.
There was a kitten that came in around that time who didn't have a mother.
The adult cat nursed that kitten as her own and watched as that kitten was also adopted.
She would have been put to sleep weeks before but it was pushed back due to her caring for the kittens.
I paid the adoption fee and had to wait a week while she was spayed and got all of her medical care.
I came back a week later to pick up my new baby!
I named her Kima and put her in the box to take to her new home.
She's been with me ever since.
Kima has always been by my side through the years.
I moved from St. Louis to Los Angeles, back to St. Louis and then finally to San Francisco.
She has sat in the passenger seat every time I've made the long drive to California and back.
She's very particular about a lot of things (the way you pet her, what she likes and dislikes, etc.) and can be a bit fiesty at times.
Kima sleeps at my feet every night and still licks your hair when you put her on your shoulder.
My boyfriend Cristian has learned to love her and her quirks.
He's also learned to be careful when kissing her on the face.
Like I said, she's a feisty one and just might nip you!!!
Regardless of her faults, she'll always be my little angel.

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Your Mommy picked a good one, Kima! You sound like a great girl!cheer


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Thank you for reading her story Ava-Corinne. I think you're right. cloud 9


Princess Snow- Belle
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What a great story! Kima has loads of personality. Fiesty is good! And it sounds like she has a really great home tooway to go


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Awww....thanks Maggie! You're gorgeous btw.

Apollo (In- Memory)

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A great story and a wonderful cat! hail
Kitty kudos to your bf for adopting an adult cat. applause
Welcome to Catster!


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Awww....thanks Apollo!


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Good job, Kima finding your new home!, and a pretty name you have.
All 13 of us cats have suckered Mom into taking us in her condo. We know how to lay it on thick, don't we, Kima?!


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"All 13 of us cats have suckered Mom into taking us in her condo. We know how to lay it on thick, don't we, Kima?!"--LOL, indeed 13calicos, indeed!