Is Amaryllis Toxic to Cats?

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I didn't know where to put this question, sorry! I have two great loves in life...cats and plants. Unfortunately, the two don't always go together. Especially Maximus. When it was just Dora I had no problem. But now that Max the troublemaker is here, I've always got to watch him. He eats my houseplants! I have and amaryllis plant sitting on the windowsill in my kitchen and Maximus enjoys snacking on it. Should I be concered?

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Amaryllis is a type of lilly and all lillies are highly poisonous to cats so you need to try to stop him eating that.

Here are a couple of sites that will help you figure out which plants are toxic/safe for cats.

http://www.aspca.o rg/pet-care/poison-control/plants/


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I certainly can't give any better information than Sassy has, but in my experience, sometimes you have to make sacrifices when you have cats. I've given up on plants, although I've found some fake ivy that looks nice in a planter. Can you put your plants outside? (Probably not, if you live in a cold region.) The other thing is that cats, especially kittens, can be terribly destructive. Not just when sharpening their claws (we don't have a big problem with that), but simply because they go berserk at night and scatter around my papers and books. Forget about ornaments that are not protected in a glass case. So...read the sites Sassy has recommended, and face the tough choice between your cats and your plants. You could, of course, always switch to non-poisonous plants, such as the various kinds of "cat grass." Good luck.