Update on Nigel

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Purred: Tue Jun 17, '08 7:46am PST 
(Nigel's Mom speaking): Hey guys! I wanted to let you know that Nigel, who we adopted last month, has adjusted soooo well to our home! (We have decided that there was a leadership void among the animals and he has decided to fill it, LOL.) He and Athena play, play, play and the dogs have decided that he is not a threat. I can't believe how well he has blended in and so fast. dancing

Only bummer is that he's had a persistent URI...he is finally on an antibiotic that seems to be working, because he has started to get an energy burst the last few days...
Also, the vet discovered the other day that the hair loss on his nose (which I attributed to his rubbing it from the URI) is actually ringworm...shock He is on some oral meds for that.

Just wanted to let you all know!

Margaux- Hemingway

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Purred: Tue Jun 17, '08 7:56am PST 
Hooray for stepping up Nigel! We're hoping your health issues clear up, and are so glad the other animals are getting along! Boy cats are the BEST!


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Purred: Tue Jun 17, '08 6:37pm PST 
I am so happy to hear that Nigel fit in so nicely with your family!

And don't worry about the URI. Matilda and I both had them when we were adopted. It's very common for rescue kitties to have them, and they do develop into secondary infections quite frequently and need those antibiotics. Tilly and I had a couple of URI's after out initial ones, but after a while, we stopped getting them.

Nigel will most likely be the same, and only get new infections if he is stressed.

Purrs to your entire furry family!

Sandia Sandy

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Purred: Sun Jun 22, '08 4:32pm PST 
snoopy Happy Dance your "family" has grown by 1 more kitty and is getting along !

YEAH for you too - Did you hear? People with CATS live MUCH longer (I guess than those with "pets" MOL)

One of our kitty friends had a few problems with URI's = as he got older they almost quit - unless meow-mom took him traveling and he got stressed. Alot of rescue cats are stressed they have uri, upper respitotory infectdions and more, but they also seem to give the MOST love back too ;-)

Hiya Nigel and Get Well Soon

Margaux- Hemingway

It's all about- me, and always- was!
Purred: Mon Jun 23, '08 8:04am PST 
Oh yeah, both of mine had a URI when I first got them--of course, they didn't show any symptoms until AFTER the first vet visit! They had been living with their six bros and sisters in one cage with the mama cat, and were 8 weeks old. Some antibiotics and proper nutrition (Mueller was getting crowded out, I think!) got them right on track.