Another kitty?

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Purred: Sun May 4, '08 9:46pm PST 
Hey guys!
My human wants to get another cat. She saw this retired show cat and she fell in love... It's a Japanese Bobtail.
I don't know though if we want another cat in the house? I will tell you about our family. Right now there are three of us kitties. Sneakers is a "senior cat" about 14-16 years old and very grumpy. Us kittens stay away from her if possible. Then there is me, I am about 6 months old and very active and playful. The youngest kitty is Rory, she is just few weeks younger than me and is a Maine Coon. She is also playful and active.
However Rory might be moving to a new house at some point. She technically belongs to one of the other humans who lives here and he wants to move away but we don't know if/when that will happen...
We live with four humans and two "senior" dogs so there are plenty of people to give us attention, but I don't know if I want to share the attention of MY human with another cat! Rory is not big on cuddling so she doesn't take away a lot of attention from me...

Fuifui- Moimoi

Purred: Sat May 10, '08 9:05pm PST 
If Rory does move away, it could be great to have another cat for Church. It doesn't sound like he is a one cat boy, from the sound of your post. I'm a believer in having a companion of the same species around for our furbabies. Seeing how well Fui and Suey get along is so rewarding.