Looking fro a gray and white cat to adopt

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Angel ( In- Loving- Memory)

Little Man,Angel- Baby,Hey Man
Purred: Tue Mar 11, '08 5:50am PST 
needing to find a gray and white cat to take my place.They have to be a kitten to 1 year old.confused

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Martin is my- soulcat....
Purred: Tue Mar 11, '08 6:53am PST 
Hi sweetie! I used catster's adoption search engine and found some sweet kitties adoptable in your area (if your postal code is 21226?) and although none of them is a twin for you, there are some VERY cute kitties there, some of them are gray & white...

Just CLICK HERE to see the results I came up with, or you could do your own search...at the top of this page, at the far left, there is an "Adoption" tab....click it and you can search!

Good luck sweetie! Your meowmy could always check all the shelters in your area too!

Chloe ~ Itty- Bitty Angel- Kitty

Itty bitty Chloe- kitty
Purred: Tue Mar 11, '08 2:00pm PST 
Why not be open to cats of other colors? If you look for cats just of a certain color, you'll be missing out on many other wonderful cats who may have purrsonalities that are more suited for your lifestyle. wave