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Can anycat please tell me where are the differences between
- American...
- European...
- Domestic...

I do not really see why my vaccination document calls me European Shorthair? I am the proud daughter of a stray mom my human never met and a most likely stray orange dad?! Human thought the mentioned "breeds" were the collection names for wonderful mixes?


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The Domestic version IS a mixed breed. But the American and the European ones are recognized breeds....I'm not sure what the differences are but I'm sure it has to do w/ their features....

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American, British, and European Shorthairs are registered, pedigree cats with distinct standards in the purebred cat world. The latter of the two isn't very popular outside of its country of origin (Sweden).

Domestic Shorthair, "non pedigree shorthair", etc. are names that refer to any ol' cat, a mix breed, a rescue, a stray, a shelter kitty.

American Shorthairs and European Shorthairs are like owning a pedigree dog, complete with papers, while a domestic shorthair is akin to a mix breed dog without a pedigree.

The American Shorthair

The European Shorthair

The British Shorthair


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you mean: smile my vaccination and adoption papers lie? big grin

big laugh i always thought they were just silly human things!

the sources you quoted said at one passage: "By chance, a non-pedigreed shorthaired cat (or "Domestic Shorthair") might resemble an American Shorthair, just as another random-bred cat might look like a Siamese, Persian or Maine Coon [or European Shorthair | added by me]."
Another site / passage says "The European Shorthair's appearance is closest to the look of cats that lived in European villages and cities for ages and has not been subject to special rules for breeding."

so it seems it's not the way we look that is important but the duration our ancestors adjusted to humans?!

i definitely can live with this. i am a farmcat - living a spoiled indoor kitty life.

thanks for help!

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Great idea to post the links for the different shorthairs.

Many people get domestic and American shorthairs confused or think they are the same.

I am whats called an American Shorthair - which is a registered breed with the CFA. The other kitties I share my home with are domestic shorthairs which are cats that are not purebred. Of course this does not make them any less special to our Warm. In her eyes - we are all equal. smile