The pros and cons of owning 2 cats

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A meow massages- the heart
Purred: Fri May 11, '07 3:49pm PST 
My girl would like to know what are the pros and cons of having 2 cats, as compared to just one. She knows the practical things of course (like increased cleaning up and costs), but she was wondering about other less obvious stuff. For example, she has started worrying how it would affect her relationship with me. I think she needs some reassurance!


Play That- Funky Music- White Cat
Purred: Sat May 12, '07 9:05am PST 

The 2 cats will have each other 2 play with, look out fur each other....
If 1 cat isn't around, you'll prob have the other 1 around, too Purr up against you!
2 Different Personalities, makes things more interesting!
If getting a cat from a Shelter, your giving a great home to that cat, giving him or her a proper family!
You'll make a new pal....

Your relationship will prob not change fur first cat, as long as you give both cats equal Attention...

Extra Cat food needed - more money needing spent!
Bigger vet Bills...
Maybe more mess to clean up, a chance both cats wont get along & will fight each other, you'd need to be on a Constant look out fur both cats!

You'll have 2 make sure, you have the time fur both cats, if there is a Time of day which you'll be out for hours & hours & Hours, and those cats dont like each other, have to seperate them...

((Happened with me & my Cuzzin, at first when i was a kitten my cuzzin was OK, but when i became an Adult cat.....He attacked me. I was Anxious to walk into the Living room.....I gots lots of Cuts, my ear was all scratched,...))

Muffin ( In- Loving- Memory)

Forever in their- hearts
Purred: Sat May 12, '07 11:28am PST 
Hi Caspian,

I was an only cat for 7 years.... Mom and Dad noticed I looked a bit lonely and Kiwi came to live with us. It took a few weeks but we got along . I am 18 now and Kiwi will be 11 this summer. I honestly think having Kiwi has made me live a longer , healthier life. And now we have those giant kittens you know ( Maggie and Loki) We each have our special place with mama and daddy and special relationship with them as we are each unique individuals.
Its a personal choice , but Mama and Daddy would now suggest people have 2 kitties as they feel guility about my 1st 7 years.
If your family has the space,the financial ability and time to care for more than one kitty we would say to do it.There are so many rewards. So much love and fun!kitty

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Marie - Defender of the Empire

Ramses' warrior- princess!
Purred: Sat May 12, '07 2:12pm PST 
To my mommy, the biggest pro as well as con is simply whether the two cats can get along with each other. It can be the biggest happiness as well as the biggest heartache.

My mommy decided that the hope of biggest happiness was paramount, in keep Missy (at that time the only cat) from being bored and lonely. Missy HATED Casey at first and it gave mommy great heartache but they did eventually often hang around together even if they weren't truly furriends.

Is your mommy thinking of getting a sibling for you?? It's always a risk and a challenge to have to share your mommy with another, but then it will be so much fun!!! Good luck!

Retsina,- 1993-2010

Queen of the- Mansion- (retired)
Purred: Sat May 12, '07 7:25pm PST 
My mommy has always had at least two cats-sometimes three or four. As long as your mom can afford the extra vet care and extra food and litter, having two cats can be EASIER than having one. My sisters and I have always had each other for company, when Mom's at work or needs to be away for a few days. (She has someone come in and check on us, but that's not like having her at home!)

She'll want to choose the second cat carefully, and then introduce the two of you carefully (and gradually; don't rush it), but it can work fine and be fun for everyone!


Crazy boy
Purred: Sun May 13, '07 12:27am PST 
i recently got jack and he has actually helped my older cat as she is becoming more confident. It is difficult at the beginning as they may not always get on but it definately can be worth it in the end. cheer


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Purred: Sun May 13, '07 2:18am PST 
Having 2 kitties won't change your relationship with Cas! If you can afford the added cost (vet visits, food, litter, toys etc)... I think it would even help bring more of Caspian's pursonality out! There are 3 kitties in my family and mommy loves us all. She says if there is room in your heart for 1 kitty... there is room for another! dancing

Ellie Belle

It's all about- me!
Purred: Sun May 13, '07 9:07am PST 
The problem I experienced with introducing a another cat into our house years ago was a territorial issue of the litter boxes. The dominant cat would use both boxes and the timid cat would use the sock drawer. Not a good thing.


Don't leave me- alone!!
Purred: Sun May 13, '07 9:38am PST 
It would depend on the purrsonality of your first cat. My sister would have liked to be an only cat, she is a people cat and wanted mommy all for herself. She hated me when I came. But me, I hate to be alone. I cry all day long if I have to be by myself and I get destructive when I am alone. With Smokey it's okay. We got used to each other and now we love each other very much and look out for each other. We are also very different purrsonalities so we have different times and places when we want attention from mommy. So, overall it's easier on mommy to have us both.


A meow massages- the heart
Purred: Mon May 14, '07 12:58am PST 
Well everyone, thank you for sharing your thoughts with me. As of this moment, I have a new little sister. She's a Maine Coon and about 2 months younger than me.

Honestly, I am not crazy about her. But my girl's just leaving us be and not rushing things; years ago she'd introduced a new cat to her old one, and they'd hissed at each other like crazy for at least a week, but then finally got used to each other and became the best of friends. My girl's hoping we'll be like that too. For now though, I can't seem to stop feeling grouchy. I hiss whenever Miss New Cat comes near me. Miss New Cat is all nervous and hissy around me too. She stays under the bed and I just glare at her. My doggy friend keeps trying to play with her, but she just hisses at her too. Sigh... I hope things'll get better soon!

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