Should I get another kitten?

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Olivia- Habitual Slapper- of Jade
Purred: Sat Mar 31, '07 12:39pm PST 
Olivia's Mommy:

I have had a pomeranian for 4 years. She was pretty bored for the most part, especially when I'm away at school. I live in apartments in the city of Baltimore. My landlord that I have right now doesn't care about how many animals we have. So I decided to make an addition to my family.

I got my first kitten ever 7 months ago (Olivia). Now that they're used to each other, my dog and cat get along relatively well and play with each other SOMETIMES. But I feel like the dog doesn't stimulate Olivia very much, because they don't play terribly often. Olivia is very sweet and clingy to me. So, I was thinking of getting her a kitty friend so that she'd be less bored (and I love kitties), but I have a few concerns. 1) They may gang up on the dog 2) What if they don't actually get along? 3)Is it hard to find apartments to take you with 3 animals? 4) Will Olivia stop paying as much attention to me? 5) Once there are two kitties, Olivia may never play with the dog anymore. 6) Is it harder to take care of 2 kitties than one? I'm a single 26 yr old in graduate school, I don't want to be overwhelmed at home.

These may seem like simple/silly questions, but I'm at a loss and was hoping for any help that anyone could give me! THANKS! hail


Mr. Toot
Purred: Sat Mar 31, '07 4:21pm PST 
Hey, im in the same boat, im getting a new kitten and some of those questions have gone through me head. About the ganging up, its probably unlikley that will happen, but it depends on the cats persoanlity, and olivia will probably spend mroe time with the other cat for playing but she still needs you no matter what. I have 2 kittens and i got them together (bro and sis) and they are together most of the time, but they need my attntion seperatly aswell, they have 2 distinct personalities, and like little kids they come to me for hugs an kiss and belly rubs. So don't worry about olivia not needing you, cuz that won't happen. Hope I helped, good luck on your search, feel free to talk to me, ill try my best to help you decide CHEERS hun! big grin

Sarge (In- Loving- Memory)

Hey you, pay- attention to me!
Purred: Sun Apr 1, '07 6:15pm PST 
I think the biggest issue is making sure all your furry family members get a long. So you'll need a kitten that is good with dogs and other cats. As for ganging up on your dog, I don't see that happening. If they get along well, then there will be equal opportunity ganging. Sometimes the two kitties will gang up on the dog and sometimes the dog will join a cat to gang up on the other. No matter how close cats are, they will still wrestle with each other so the dog would just be picking different sides.

Good luck in your second kitten!