Need to know what kind of kitty would be the best companion for me!

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I'm a Maine Coon mix (not sure what's my second breed), I'm two years old, very affectionate and I get along with other cats wonderfully. I'm very playful, and everyone tells me I play like a little kitten! I just love being around people and other animals.

Since my mommy has been having to go to work a lot lately, and I hate being on my own (bores me a lot!) my mommy has been considering on adopting another kitty for me to play with. The thing is that she doesn't know what kind of kitty to adopt, what age or anything!

Most of the time I'll get so bored, that I'll just stare outside the window for a long time, which makes my mommy nervous because she thinks I may want to run away, and we don't live in the best area of our town, so it can be really dangerous.

What kind of breed do you guys think my mommy should adopt? Are breeds really that important? She's been thinking that maybe a little kitten would be ideal, since they're so very playful I won't be bored ever again, but then again kittens requires a lot of care, and my mommy is away for full work days!

Just a little guidance of what kind of furry friends my mommy and I should look for would be purrfect! Thanks! kitty

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I dont think the breed matters. I am a main coon too. I was 2 when my sister went to the bridge. I was so lonely and Momma knew it was time to get another kitty. She went to the Shelter and adopted George. He is a year younger than I am. I got along with him right away. George dosent like to play like I do so momma adopted Meekah. She is 2 years younger than me and was 18 months old when adopted. She plays with both of us. We are all very happy kitties. I would recommend you adopt a kitty from 6months to 2 years old. way to go


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So a kitten or a young cat would be best, yes? That sounds great! Kittens are too cute to say no to! My mommy says she's going to start checking in local shelters for kitties that age. Thanks! cheer

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Hi! I think a kitten or young cat would probably be best and less threatening and intimidating to you. I don't really think a specific breed matters unless your Mom desires specific characteristics in the new-comer. Good luck!


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I stare out the window all the time! It is SOOO interesting out there. I don't know for sure that you are bored...
Have you had your sister's cats come over for a visit to see how they would interact?
That might give you an idea of how he would do with another cat.
Maybe you can try that first.