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Story...I went to visit a foster home two weeks ago. The woman said that there was a cat that was exactly what I was looking for.... a loving lap cat and extremely sweet. Well, when we went to the house, we found out that she had a cat that had FIV. I never heard of just having a sick cat mixed with healthy ones! The cat I came to see, Panda would not come out from under the bed at all to even see us, so we never took him then. She said it probably was because he just went to the vet two days before to get a clean bill of health after having a urinary tract infection and he probably was still a little afraid. This really concerned us #1 that he had the bladder infection #2 that there was a cat with the rest of them that had FIV. How contageous is this? How long does it take to show in the blood?

Today,l I went to Petsmart to look at other kittens, well there was PAnda again! So, I decided to see how he was this time. He slept right in my lap purring for two hours!!!!!!!! I just had to take him home! Well, they gave me a two week period as a foster to see if I wanted to keep him. My issue is that I am so afraid now because my boyfriend was irrate that I brought "this dirty cat" home. I told him that I would bring him to the vet this week myself & have him tested & given a ckean bill of health. He made me feel awful. He knew I was possibly bringing home a kitten, but when he found out it was Panda, he freaked out!

Can someone give me an opinion on this> Do you think I did the wrong thing here????


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No, you did the right thing!
FIV is not super contagious, although for a permanent home you would not want a cat with FIV with any that are FIV negative.
If Panda already tested negative, then he is probably okay.
He just didn't like the foster house he was in. I hope he is very happy with you and that all his tests come back good and that you decide to keep him.
Good luck and keep us posted!


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That really makes us sad that your mom's boyfriend called Panda dirty, it's not her fault the conditions she was living in, we really hope he isn't mean to her, we all deserve a second chance. Mom fosters, I have a brother that is very loving, but when anyone new comes in he runs and hides. Do a search on FIV, like it was just said it is not highly contagious, we mainly catch it if we get into a fight with another cat and they have it, but the skin has to get broke open and contact has to be made.


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I don't know much about FIV other than what everycat here has said--that it isn't highly contagious. My impression is that it is very much like HIV in humans. You can't catch it unless you mix blood or have some type of sexual contact.

But as for the urinary infection--this is nothing to worry about. It sounds like he had a urinary infection but went to the vet and was put on antibiotics and now he is done with it? Lots of cats get urinary infections for any variety of reasons. All they need is a course of antibiotics and they are fine. They aren't contagious. Maggie or Mango could also get a urinary infection one day, just because. I got one when I first came to my forever home, probably because I was stressed. Lots of times you don't know why it happens at all. So don't worry about that.


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Emma is right, we can get a UTI for no reason, it's serious but no big deal, my brother had one, we have no idea what caused it, it just happens, my foster sister that just went to her forever home had one when she came here, but mom thinks she was stressed from being in a cage. Humans get them and it really can't be explained how they got it, they just do, it's just something that goes on in our bodies, cats and humans.

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I am hearing several of you all say that FIV is not highly contagious. Is it more or less like human AIDS in that it requires direct transmission of bodily fluids? The reason I'm asking is because I bought a Siamese kitten that died 8 days after I got her. A little bit before she died I noticed that she had the signs of a mild URI. I thought well I guess I better take Su-Ling to the doctor in the morning to be on the safe side. Later I looked down at her where she was sleeping and I just sensed she was dead. She was and cold as ice! I'm dealing with a lot of guilt thinking I could have done something. It was everybody's quiet time and I was working so I didn't think anything about her sleeping. I made sure she was dead and then buried her. I called the breeder who said "Well I'm sorry and I'll give you your money back. Some of my cats have that FIV thing! I guess that's why the URI killed her." I didn't put any words in his mouth. I am sick with fear now that she could have infected any of my other babies. Tabitha was the only one who had anything to do with her. They played together a little bit. I'm actually scared to talk to the doctor about because I'm afraid of what I might find out.

I really appreciate your time!

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To the Gang: I wouldn't be too worried about the FIV cat having infected your other cats. I did some research online and it appears that the ways FIV is transmitted between cats is through deep, penetrating bites, blood transfusions and (less often) from mother to kitten (in gestation).

Here is an article I found that discusses a specific case, and includes some facts about FIV at the end. http://www.bestfriends.org/theanimals/petcare/cats_fiv.cfm

(I can't seem to figure out how to link on Catster, sorry!)

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Also to The Gang of Nine Lives: We kept an FIV positive cat for his entire lifetime of 21 years! Now, there is a difference between FIV +, and full blown Feline AIDs. An FIV + cat may never become ill. Ours never did. But, we fostered a litter of kittens way back in the early 80's, which all had AIDs. One bit clean through my thumb while having a seziure. (And I'm still here!) Back then, it was just emerging. If this breeder has cats with active AIDS, she needs to be shut down. Cats with AIDs, usually die quickly, but surprisingly one of that litter survived for 8 years. She was always kept seperate though. It is true, transmission is difficult, and many vets will also agree with them in mixed populations, as long as the cats don't fight, or mate. To ease your mind, I would test the cat who had the most contact. Retest in about 3 months, or whenever your vet suggests. If that cat is clear, I might just test one cat at random later on. The real worry is that FIV cats often are positive for Feline Leukemia or FIP as well. We took in a kitten who had Leukemia, and he lived with us, in a seperate room, for 1 1/2 years. I won't go into the long story now, but after he was gone, we waited 6 months, and tested all the cats. Thank God, all were OK. Good Luck to you, and if I can help, just ask. Hannah's Mom (The Texas Wild Bunch)