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No Fear
Purred: Tue Jan 23, '07 10:07am PST 
hello, I was wondering what many of you have found to be the most affectionate lap-cat types? My friend has five cats & she feel that the most lovey & affectioante are the all black ones. Have any of you found this also?kitty


Purred: Tue Jan 23, '07 10:19am PST 
I've owned two grey and white longhair's in my life and both have been the most affectionate of any cat that I've met. smile

Spice- (1988-May- 27, 2005)

And I resent the- accusation...
Purred: Tue Jan 23, '07 8:54pm PST 
I have often heard the theory that male cats are generally more affectionate that female cats.
It seems that most orange tiger/tabby cats that I have known are quite affectionate.
I have had two female tortoiseshells cats...first Spice, and now Phoebe. Torties and calicos are know for being a bit stand-offish. I would say that my experience holds that to be true....but they definitely have interesting personalities and will develop a tight bond with one or two special humans. They are also very interested in being around to see what is going on. I have read that Abbissinians are like that as well...they might not want to sit ON your lap, but they want to sit NEAR your lap.
I have a friend with a male ragdoll and, while it is certainly a docile cat, I would not call him affectionate...in fact I would say that ragdoll sums up its wet-dish-rag of a personality--or lack thereof.
He and his companion cat are more likely than not to simply disappear when there is company.
The most affectionate cat that I currently know is a male Sealpoint Siamese named Samba who lives with his Dad in Birmingham.

I don't think I've helped much, have I???


Lazy, Lazy, Lazy
Purred: Tue Jan 23, '07 9:18pm PST 
It's difficult to say which ones are most affectionate, as all kitties have their own personalities. If I had to pick one though, I'd have to say Siamese tend to be the friendliest.

Arthur (Miss- You!- '93-'09)

Bucket of Fuzz

Purred: Tue Jan 23, '07 10:14pm PST 
Orange or beige (dilute orange) male tabbies--definitely!kittyway to go

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I fetch,- therefore I am.

Purred: Tue Jan 23, '07 10:16pm PST 
I don't know, Arthur--I'm pretty affectionate, too! dancing

Beatrice- (Miss You!- '94-'12)

The very Beast- of all

Purred: Tue Jan 23, '07 10:19pm PST 
Hmm...I'm black, but I'm definitely not a lap-cat. I love attention and being petted, but I hate being picked up and I only like being held when I initiate it (which isn't very often). I can spend hours snuggling next to my mom, but that's about the most affectionate I get. I don't know...maybe it's just a girl thing! But my mom loves me just the way I am. cloud 9

Delyte, Dark- Angel, at- Bridge

Me and my- person, together- against all
Purred: Tue Jan 23, '07 11:07pm PST 
This is Delyte. I am my person's fifth black cat: Christopher, Sarah, Silkie, Peri & me. They varied widely in affection. Chris was the most affectionate--he loved everyone. Peri only loved her person, but was very clingy. Sarah was affectionate but not extremely, and the same with Silkie. Her most affectionate cat was a calico, Norah. I am only affectionate when I feel like it, and don't like anyone else other than my person, even our male person or some catsitters who have been very nice. And I have NOT been very nice to the vet people, although I am not as bad as Peri, who was banned from the vet. Stella is pretty nice to everyone, but she is not clingy. She is a mixture of white, tabby, black and ginger.

Depends on how you define affection. thinking There are some breeds--Ragdoll?--that are supposed to be very affectionate or clingy. I am sure that all of these cats loved their person, but they weren't all overtly affectionate.

Right now one of our outside cats, a black male, seeks out being petted even before he gets food, and we are his only source of food, so that is pretty affectionate. [If anyone wants him, we would be glad to try and transport him, although he is an outside cat now and not litter-trained.]


I'm a cat- burgler,what's- your's is mine!
Purred: Wed Jan 24, '07 2:28am PST 
All 3 of our girls have been extremely affectionate, everytime someone would sit down, Desiree would jump on their lap, and go to sleep. Gracie climbs under the covers at night, and snuggles in with us, Simone sleeps on the bed as well, and during the day they want to be held, and snuggled alot.


mommy is cool
Purred: Wed Jan 24, '07 7:16am PST 
I just got my first black female cat and she is by far the most affectionate cat I've ever had...unless you are messing with her ears or nails.

The second most affectionate cat I've had was a male gray cat. I had to give him to another home because of moving situations but he loved to give massages.


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