Difference between American & Domestic shorthair?

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Calla Lilly- Creeper
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What's the difference between an American shorthair and a Domestic Shorthair? I noticed Catster delineates between the two in the choices under "breeds".


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The Domestic Shorthair is the equivalent of the 'mutt' in the canine world. The American Shorthair is a recognized breed (i.e. purebred) and is recognized by the CFA. I listed a website below for you that I think is very informative.

http://www.cfainc.org/breeds/profiles/american-sh.ht ml



Amazing Grace
Purred: Fri Jan 12, '07 11:48pm PST 
I'm a domestic short hair, Brown tabby, the rescue group that Mom adopted me from thought I might have some Bengal cross, because of my very distinct (and Mom says beautiful) marbled markings.
My Vet's office thinks, and Mom agrees, that with my body type, and my markings, it's more likely that I am an American Short Hair cross. I may be a mutt, but, Mom says she'll keep me smile
Interestingly, in a lot of pictures, I photograph Silver Tabby, not sure why. I love mixed breed Cats, Mom and I agree, its fun and interesting to try and guess our roots smile

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Domestic shorthair cats can be any coloring combinations, and any breed combinations. I'm a domestic shorthair, with some siamese and who knows what else. Everyone else in my family is domestic shorthair, except Carbon (domestic long hair).


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Booger is correct. ASH is a purebred cat. DSH is a mixed breed. DSH cats can be mixed with an ASH, but unless one were purchased from a breeder or rescued from an organization that rescues specific breeds, chances are that kitty would be a mixed breed.
You would be considered a DSH.


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May I add, Hunter: "you would be considered a Wonderful, Great, Awesome DSH" laugh out loud


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Thanks Amalia,
That's very sweet of you, but for the record...I'm a medium hair cat (DMH) :}

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Too bad, Hunter, because if you had shorter hair, you would be a DiSH!!!!! (I think you're handsome!!)

Love, Boomer:

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