Can somone possibly transport 1 cat from Bronx/Westchester, NY to....

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Mr.- Bigglesworth- (Mr. B)

Prince Charming
Purred: Sat Jun 28, '08 4:15pm PST 
anywhere near Florida! My sister has a cat in NY I have been trying to bring home with me for over a year now.. she still has not been "able" to spay her, not for lack of money, but lack of time! She already had one "litter" (only one baby survived because she was so young). I checked if there was a mobile vet there (we have a neuter commuter in Fl.) but there was one only for people on Public Assistance.
They also have too many animals and kids and though it is a "good" shelter, I really think Tiger would be much happier here, with me. My sister agrees whole heartedly, but we haven't been able to find a way for me to get her here. I almost took her home with me on my last trip there, but luckily I didn't (she was in heat and I didn't think it would be wise) because my plane was delayed 2 hrs (sitting on the tarmac waiting to take off). My sister's leaving for a long vacation in July and is worried about the "fighting" among the animals and the quality of care she'll get (it's a friend going over to take care of the dog mostly).
Money for gas would not be an issue, between us we could probably come up with it.. and I can meet you somewhere 1/2 way (Georgia, S.C. maybe). Please email me at liawriter@aol.com if you know someone who could help or have any suggestions. My sister took in the cat (a stray) to save it, and though she had good intentions, it's just not the best home for this sweetheart and I really want to give her a better one... where she'll get as spoiled rotten as Mr. Bigglesworth!
Thanks smile