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Hi my name is Dejah Pennington. I am the rescue coordinator for Arrowhead Reptile Rescue(ARR). Ohio Division of Wildlife confiscated a huge number of turtles and placed them into our care a couple weeks ago. We are now trying to find home for these new turtles. I am seeking volunteers who are interested in transporting 15 softshell turtles from our rescue in West Chester, OH to Underwater Adventures Aquarium(beneath the Mall of America) in Bloomington, Minnesota during the weekend of 10/13-10/14. The transport will be as follows:

Saturday 10/13
10:30am-1:00pm: west chester, oh to Shelbyville, in: 1hr 30min
1:00pm-2:40pm: Shelbyville, in to Lafayette, in: 1hr 40min
2:40pm-4:30pm:Lafayette,in to portage, in: 1hr 40min
4:30pm-6:00pm: Portage,in to elgin, il: 1hr 40min
6:00pm: *(overnight) Elgin, il to Milton, wi: 1hr 20min - turtles will stay with you overnight

Sunday 10/14
*10:00am-11:20am: Elgin, il to milton, wi:1hr 20min- Overnight
11:20am-1:00pm: Milton, wi to Mauston, wi 1 40min
1:00pm-2:20pm:Mauston, wi to osseo, wi 1 20min
2:20pm-4:20pm Osseo, wi to Bloomington, mn 2hr
Done: 4:20pm ending at:
Underwater Adventures Aquarium (located beneath mall of America)
120 E Broadway
Bloomington, MN 55425-5511

If you can do any of these transports please contact me asap @ amber16820@woh.rr.com. Thank you very much!!!!

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Good luck with this! wave

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Drat, I saw Ohio to Minn. and thought...hey, I'm in Ohio...I can help withthis one. Sadly, I have to work Saturdays so its a not go. I hope you find all the felp you need.