Concerned about our 2 cats getting along with 2 older dogs

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Purred: Wed Jul 16, '14 4:41pm PST 
My in laws are going to California and are leaving next Wednesday (the 23rd) and will be back the following Sunday and asked us watch/take care of their two dogs (both dogs were originally my husbands).
Anyway, the dogs are very sweet and well behaved, Kassie I think is 15 and Reimi is 3 almost 4 and both are short small dogs- Reimi is a Imperial Shih Tzu (I think its spelled right) and Kassie is I think some breed of Shih Tzu. But they are both short and small.

We have 2 cats that are 9 months, maybe almost 10 months old and they haven't traveled. Plus I'm worried they won't get along with his parents dogs. And I'm not sure how young they have to be to introduce them to other animals (like if 9-10 months is too old) I'm wondering if they have already missed that age range to introduce them to other pets.
Advice? Tips? I would really appreciate any help. Please get back to me soon! Thanks!thinkingkittypuppy