8 hours is it all that bad?

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So In about a month from now I'm going to be moving and my roommate and I will be driving, the drives about 8 hours. So recently I bought my little odin a carrier, and I've been taking him on short trips around town to get him used to being in a car and and the carrier with all the car noises and movements, ect. Will a month be enough time?

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My girlfriend drives to her parent's place on the border of Mexico with her cat, about 7 hours, and she never has a problem. It depends on the cat though, I imagine.

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I travel regularly with my 2 boys. I started when they were very young, but I have a kennel in the back of my car complete with a bed, a litter pan and a perch. They crab a little a first and then they settle down. We've never driven more than 4 hours from home, though.I do not offer food and water while we are traveling because they get carsick.
I think 8 hours in a carrier might be a bit excessive, for a young cat. Could you provide the cat with a bit more space? Maybe a very large carrier that a small litter pan would fit in? I put a puppy pee pad over the litter for easy clean up on a longer trip. I keep small garbage bags in my car for odor control and ease of disposal. On a long trip like that I would certainly offer water at least once and maybe some type of food in limited quantities.
I put harnesses on my cats and have leashes available to help control them if I have to open the kennel on the road. This is for safety - I certainly would noot want one (or both) of my boys loose on the side of a busy highway.
I think you are being very smart by trying to get this cat used to traveling before you actually hit the road for the long trip!
Good luck and have a safe journey.