How to make moving less stressful?

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Purred: Fri Sep 6, '13 9:09am PST 
Hi there! I'm planning on moving in the next few weeks, with my two cats. Both cats have been raised in the house we are currently in, and when we move it will be a few hours away and into most likely an apartment. Does anyone have any advice on making moving as less stressful as possible? I know the move is going to be stressful, but anything I could do to decrease it would help!


The Black Shadow
Purred: Sun Sep 8, '13 1:10pm PST 
If they are making the trip in their cat carriers, add a little lavender under a blanket in the carrier. It has been proven to make pets calm down. I tried it on my dog one time and it made her relax a bit.

Try associating the new house with something fun, like being rubbed under the chin and behind the ears. My cat loves it!