Pet stroller for 2 cats - 17 lbs & 9 lbs

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I know there have been other topics but they are over a year old and I am hoping that I can get some current feedback for my Meowmy!

Meowmy wants to get a pet stroller for me and my brother. He is bubba-ish 17 lbs I am a petite 9 lbs. Meowmy is kind of small and can't take us both to the vet using 2 regular carriers or strapping 2 "purse" carriers of different weights on her shoulders.

Meowmy wants a pet stroller that would hold both of us kitties. We don't need our own compartments, but we need room enough for us both, something that she could pop out at a quick notice. She also wants to make sure that if anything happens like a fire or emergency, she could get us both safely into something quickly for safety and transport.

She has been looking everywhere online, but it's hard to tell from photos. If anyone has experience and suggestions on things to consider, she would appreciate it!

~ Molly

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