Going on vacation 3 weeks - need advice for babysitting my 5 months old kitten

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Purred: Sat May 25, '13 12:46pm PST 
Hi all,

I will be leaving for vacation 3 weeks in August.
My upstairs neighbor have offered to babysit my cat at her place.
My question is : do you think it is better to keep the cat in my home and have her visit him once a day for feeding, litter cleaning and petting or is it better to have my cat move upstairs with his belongings (toys, bed, food, litterbox etc) and have him live with my neighbor for 3 weeks?

My cat will be 5 months when we leave. It's really not a nervous or shy cat. Very sociable and bold little feline.

I suppose I'm just scared that he will be changed when we return, that he might not recognize us since we leave him 3 weeks with my neighbor and he's not even a year old. I feel very guilty.

Thank you for your advice.

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I think that a kitten would be so lonely by himself. I would definitely allow the kitten to go upstairs. I would check out the place first. It should be kitten proof. When I left last year, my kitten and cat were cat sat by my relative who stayed at my place. Both were fine but I was gone only twelve days. Kitten can get into trouble so easily. My cats are indoor cats. As for remembering you, a kitten is a kitten. They usually love everyone and your kitten will love you when you return. Leave some items that you wear with your scent on them. It helps...


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Thank you for your reply Alexander Dreamboat.
I think the best solution is to have him stay at my neighbor's. He'll have plenty of petting and play plus he will be fed many times a day.


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I concur it is one of the best solution..I guess it may favorably works for your vacations plans.

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